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Opinion: Mayor has three votes she can count, six to negotiate with

FLINT, MI — Today begins another round of Mediation and Deliberations on the Proposed 30-year Contract With Detroit Water. The Honorable Flint Mayor Karen Weaver and the Flint City Council will be in legal closed session working towards a mediated to resolution. The Community speakers at a Nov. 15, 2017 Flint City Council meeting were all […]

Opinion: #Genesee – What was the meaning Of the Flint Recall?

FLINT, MI — The petition drive and the wording on the recall ballot question gave us meaning. It was about Rizzo. There were not enough votes that held the Mayor’s involvement in the Rizzo contract were deserving of recall. The Mayor received 53% of the vote. That made moot any argument about the 16 candidates […]