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Commentary: McCree Theatre Kicks Off Black History Series

FLINT, MI — An old Sanskrit saying asks the questions: “What happened to the good people of Sumer?” The traveler asked the old man. “What happened to them, for ancient History says they were Black?” “Well,” the old man said to the traveler, “they lost their history, so they died!” By death, I’m sure the […]

Opinion: The Election November 7 Is More About Us Than About The Mayor

We must vote Tuesday, November 7 like we’ve never voted before. This election is about more than who is mayor or who sits on City Council, it is about whether or not African Americans in this city are worthy of empowerment. Have you ever wondered why every time we have elected an African American mayor, […]

Opinion: What manner of man would pimp his own grandson?

What manner of man would pimp his own grandson in a desperate attempt to win Black votes? As the whole wide world knows by now, mayoral candidate Scott Kincaid has an African American grandson. Kincaid has mailed out several literature pieces. In most, you see him with his arms around his Black grandson, and in […]

Opinion: Beware of the $25 Million Man

Among the 17 or so candidates running for Mayor, I’m sure each of them has a particular motive for running. But I’d be willing to bet that all of those motives pale in comparison to that of Scott Kincaid. You see, if Scott is elected Mayor, one of his first acts will be to settle […]

Opinion: Several City Councilpersons Fail to Comply with State Election Laws

Those who are detractors of Mayor Karen Weaver love to bandy the word “corruption” around. However, when one looks at the behavior of Scott Kincaid’s cronies on Flint City Council, you’ll end up scratching your head as to who is truly corrupt. The classic definition of corruption is a form of dishonest or unethical conduct […]