City of Flint Articles
Water boil advisory lifted for downtown Flint buildings

FLINT, MI — The City of Flint Director of Public Works, Rob Bincsik, reported Friday that crews have completed repairs on a water main break that triggered a Precautionary Boil Filtered Water Advisory earlier this week for some water customers in downtown Flint. “The break has been fixed and we have received satisfactory results from samples collected showing the water is now […]

PSA Airing, Postcards Mailed to Help Inform Residents of Water Source Recommendation

FLINT, MI – On April 18, 2017, Mayor Karen Weaver announced her recommendation that the City of Flint stay with the Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA) as its primary source of water and utilize Genesee County as a backup water source. “I believe staying with GLWA as the city’s primary water source is the best […]