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Guns heading to online auction in hopes of bringing more money to Flint

FLINT, MI – A number of guns are heading to an online auction after Flint City Council members said yes to a request from Flint Police Chief Tim Johnson to sell a stockpile of firearm inventory. Johnson said he didn’t have details as to exactly how many guns but did say it could be thousands and […]

Flint City Council appoints residents to Community Block Grant funds advisory council

FLINT, MI — The Flint City Council appointed community members to the advisory council that oversees  recommendations for the city’s Community Development Block Grant funds. The council voted 8 to 1 to appoint seven residents to the City Wide Advisory Council, the group that makes recommendations to the Flint City Council regarding Community Development Block Grant […]

Council and mayor at odds over Flint’s damage claim policy

FLINT, MI — Flint City Council President Kerry Nelson says he is set to call a special meeting after Mayor Karen Weaver vetoed a resolution to have damage claims $2,500 or more come before council for approval. “She has been pushing to keep it at $10,000,” Nelson said. “At the end of the day all […]

Health officials warn of third bacterium since Flint’s water crisis

FLINT, MI – One Flint woman says she hasn’t been able to safely go into her home since December 2016 after researchers found a rare bacterium in her water. “I’ve been screaming about it on and off on my Facebook page since November,” said Florlisa Stebbins. “My doctors say they will never be able to […]

Sneaker boutique holds Air Jordan I Retro High “Royal” fundraiser to raise money for Flint water crisis

HUNTINGTON, NY – There are two things Chase Ceparano knew when he was growing up. He would escape poverty and he would give back. Those reasons have fueled his desire to raise money and awareness for Flint’s water crisis even if it’s from his sneaker boutique in Huntington, NY. “Everything that my team and I […]

Man who called Flint’s mayor a ‘Black Racist’ says he doesn’t want any trouble

ROSEVILLE, MI – The man behind a postcard sent to Mayor Karen Weaver says he only wrote it after he disagreed with comments he says she made about President Donald Trump. “I was upset about it and when I hear someone being mean to someone else I have to do something about it,” said Edward […]

Judge denies Flint mayor’s request for protection order against man pushing recall efforts

FLINT, MI – A Genesee County judge has denied Flint Mayor Karen Weaver’s petition for a personal protection order against a man leading recall efforts to remove her from office. Weaver filed a petition for an expedited PPO against Flint resident Arthur Woodson who submitted recall language that was approved by the Genesee County Elections […]

Flint Mayor says she’s ‘fearful’ for her life

FLINT, MI – Documents filed with the Genesee County Personal Protection office say Flint Mayor Karen Weaver fears for her life. Weaver filed a PPO petition on March 21, 2017 against Flint resident Arthur Woodson who is leading recall efforts against her saying he has mental health issues and depression. “I need a personal protection […]

Flint Mayor Karen Weaver files personal protection order against man trying to remove her from office

FLINT, MI – Mayor Karen Weaver has filed a personal protection order against the Flint man trying to remove her from office, according to officials at the Genesee County Personal Protection office. The PPO was filed on March 21, 2017 and has been assigned to Genesee County Judge Joseph Farah. As of 4:30 p.m. on […]

Flint Mayor Karen Weaver fights recall efforts to remove her from office

FLINT, MI – Flint Mayor Karen Weaver is appealing recall language to remove her from office. According to documents filed by Weaver’s attorney Kendall Williams on March 17, 2017 with the Genesee County Clerk’s office Weaver is looking to appeal recall language approved on March 8, 2017 by the Genesee County Election Commission. Under Michigan […]