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The ‘remarkable’ way volunteers support Flint high school students

FLINT, MI —It’s 6:45 am on a Monday and Pastor Jimmie Whitaker along with nearly 20 other people line up at the two entry ways of Northwestern high school waiting for buses to arrive. “Good morning,” Whitaker says to students coming into the building. “Stay focused.” “Stay on point.” “Stay engaged.” “I’m proud of you.” […]

Swayze Court rehab gives Flint residents opportunities for a better way of life

FLINT, MI – Jorain Hardman needed a new start. She had overcome a number of obstacles including a drug addiction and was ready to get her life on track. “I was in a…homeless program,” said Hardman, now a resident at Swayze Court Apartments. “I literally lived 100 feet down the street from the building here. […]

A theatre like none other: ‘New’ McCree Theatre brings art, opportunity to Flint’s northside

FLINT, MI — It is authentic. It is strong, filled with talent, and inspiring generation after generation of artists. It is home to the African American story in the African American voice. It is the “New” McCree Theatre, located on the northside of Flint, and it is unlike any other in the state of Michigan. […]

The rise of Berston Field House

FLINT, Michigan—D.J. Dye sits on the edge of the stage at one end of the gymnasium dressed in a jacket, sock hat and pajamas. The 3-year-old seems content, even happy, to be here. He is seated next to his father, Troy George, 23, of Flint, and some of his dad’s friends. He is never left […]

Flint Water Crisis prompts ‘Flint Kids Are’ campaign

FLINT, MI – Flint kids are talented. Flint kids are dreamers. Flint kids are strong. Flint kids are healthy. A new campaign is making sure Flint children—and the rest of the world—see their full potential. The “Flint Kids Are” communications campaign is specifically designed to help Flint’s youngest navigate through the many messages about the […]

Property values on rise in every Genesee County community

GENESEE COUNTY, MI — For the first time since at least 2009, home values are going up in every Genesee County community. A recently released report from the Genesee County Equalization Department shows projected changes in property values for 2017 for every city and township in Genesee County. And in every one of those jurisdictions, […]