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Judge questions police tactics, alleged bribery in fight against efforts to recall Flint Mayor Karen Weaver

Witnesses in a hearing fighting recall efforts against Flint Mayor Karen Weaver say they were called by Flint Police to appear in court on Tuesday morning – A move that a Genesee County Judge says is alarming and “threatens the credibility of their testimony.” During the Aug. 29, 2017 hearing, witnesses claimed they were summoned […]

Flint City Council says ‘no’ to funding PR firm for program to replace city’s pipes

FLINT, MI –Flint City Council members say an initiative to replace the city’s pipes doesn’t need help from an outside public relations firm. In a 7 – 1 vote on Aug. 14 council members turned down a $92,000 request by Flint Mayor Karen Weaver to continue using Lansing-based Martin Waymire for public relations services regarding […]