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  • Carol Robidoux March 4, 2018, 11:16 am

    I felt the same way – I wanted a Season 2 immediately. I came to the documentary series expecting it to be all about the water crisis, and left it understanding the challenges the city faces. It made me wonder why more isn’t being done federally to help man the police force – deputize some National Guardsmen to help bring the force up to full complement? Our city is of a similar size and full complement is about 240 cops in a place that seems like Candyland, compared to Flint. I was also surprised that the city council decided not to fund the police chief’s request for money that would have given officers a small raise and helped to get more officers on the streets. What I saw was a lot of heart and a lot of caring among Flint residents, and I feel ashamed that the rest of the country has not done more to assist your city financially. What would it take to bring another big business enterprise to Flint to create good jobs – certainly there are enough displaced workers ready and willing to work.