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  • Terry Bankert October 6, 2017, 6:46 am

    #FLINT- Our Citizen Contract or City Charter has a unique and necessary section on ethics that is intended to drain the unethical swamp poisioning our current administration in Flint.

    Scott Kincaid is the One candidate for Mayor , election 11/7/17 that has pledged to honor this contract .

    Section 1-602 of the New Flint City Charter. Effective 1/1/17

    “The purpose of this section is to provide a method of protecting the public interest in the electoral and governmental affairs of this city.

    This section recognizes that the proper operation of the City of Flint’s government requires that all city public servants, as defined in this charter,

    be independent,

    impartial and responsible to the people;

    that decisions and policy be made in the proper channels of governmental structures;

    that public office or employment not be used for personal gain;

    that the integrity and operations of the city government be subject to scrutiny by the public;

    and that acts or actions not compatible with the best interest of the City of Flint be defined and prohibited.” (Flint City Charter sec 1.602)

    These are just words until the voices of City elected leadership and your community pressure makes this happened.

    One Voice is that of Scott Kincaid who has pledged to put the new Flint Charter and this section into full effect immediately upon taking off after the 11/7/17 election.

    I am voting for Scott Kincaid. @TerryBankert

  • Cynthia October 8, 2017, 10:47 am

    Here are a few questions: 1. Would you drink the water coming from homes where the pipes have been replaced and there are no filters? Why or why not. 2. What is the biggest challenge facing the citizens of Flint in the next 4 years? AND How do you intent to address that challenge? 3. Do you believe in full and immediate transparency of policies and finances 9in all aspects of the government. If so, how can you suggest improving the show to non existent release of information under the freedom of information act?