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  • Joyce Wilson November 15, 2017, 2:21 pm

    Very pessimistic attitude tge Recall did what it was in better interest of Flint residents. No one in Flint can say the information was presented on issuses within lstate and local governance.
    We got Weaver on the ballot a feat few believed possible.The public that is watching,reading,protesting,attending City council reg meeing’s and committee meetings have know whats rotten in Flint/Denmark.
    Political manipulation by preachers; political operatives,coattail hustlers have contributed to the destruction of Flint reaidents due process.
    Flint residents have been divided by race baiters ,some nonprofits; celebrity popins.
    Tighten your seat belts it’s gonna get rougher and Flint reaidents are about to get fleeced again.