FLINT, MI — Flint Mayor Karen Weaver says plans to remove her as mayor started as soon as she made it into office. Weaver in an interview with Michigan Radio on Oct. 10, 2017, shared her thoughts on recall efforts launched first by Flint resident Alex Harris in November 2016 unsuccessfully and then successfully by […]
FLINT, MI — The Michigan State Police is investigating whether someone within the Flint Police Department ran an illegal criminal background check on the man who pushed recall efforts to remove Flint Mayor Karen Weaver from office. Arthur Woodson, who launched a recall against Weaver earlier this year, filed a complaint with MSP in August […]
FLINT, MI – Flint Mayor Karen Weaver has scheduled her 2017 State of the City Address on the same day as a Flint Mayoral Forum set for the community. Weaver, who was invited to attend the forum on Oct. 17, sent an email around 2:14 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 9, 2017 to Flint City Council […]
FLINT, MI – City Administrator Sylvester Jones is taking his claims that witness testimonies saying he offered bribes to people in hopes of stopping recall efforts against Flint Mayor Karen Weaver were “untrue” to airways. According to radio show host, AC Dumas, Jones will be a special guest on the show, “Truth shall make you […]
FLINT, MI — Mayor Karen Weaver is challenging recall signatures submitted in hopes to remove her from office. According to the Genesee County Clerk’s Office, Weaver is contesting at least 1,200 of 5,951 signatures certified by Flint City Clerk Inez Brown’s office. Weaver filed paperwork challenging the signatures on July 31, 2017 – The last […]
FLINT, MI – Mayor Karen Weaver and state officials say Flint will have at least four state-run water distribution sites also known as Points of Distribution sites or PODs “indefinitely.” “Flint residents have spoken out,” Weaver said during a July 26, 2017, press conference at Flint City Hall regarding the city’s water crisis. “We’ve talked […]
(Updated with comment from Flint Mayor Karen Weaver) FLINT, MI — City officials have determined that 5,951 of nearly 9,000 signatures submitted to recall Flint Mayor Karen Weaver are valid. Arthur Woodson, the man seeking to remove Weaver from office, turned in nearly 8,848 signatures after canvassing Flint neighborhoods for nearly 60 days with volunteers […]
FLINT, MI — The Genesee County Clerk Office has confirmed that more than 8,000 signatures were turned in today to unseat Flint Mayor Karen Weaver. Flint resident, Arthur Woodson, submitted 780 petition sheets to the County Clerk. Woodson who is seeking to recall Weaver over the city’s controversial trash contract, turned in the signatures after […]
Flint, Mich. — The man pushing recall efforts against Flint Mayor Karen Weaver says he along with volunteers have collected nearly 9,000 signatures in hopes of removing Weaver from office. Arthur Woodson, the man behind the recall efforts, is expected to turn in recall petitions today at the Genesee County Clerk Office at 3 p.m. […]
Nearly 8,000 Flint property owners could face foreclosures after the state-appointed board overseeing Flint’s finances voted June 27, 2017 against a moratorium put in place by the Flint City Council. The Receivership Transition Advisory Board voted against the move put in place by the council on May 17, 2017 during a special Flint City Council […]