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  • Carla Wilson June 17, 2017, 10:25 am

    Youth programs have been offered through the Haskell Center for many years. Haskell has been the home to the PAL program for approximately eight years now and it should remain in the Northside of Flint where it was originally offered. It seems to only have become a problem since Weaver, Johnson and Mays became involved. Realistically, it’s extremely difficult if not impossible to throughly run an extensive daily youth program without some paid employees. Offering minimal salaries to a few employees ensures that adult supervision and support will be in place for the participants. Haskell has been a viable part of the community since the eighties if not before. During those years the Flint Community Schools took elementary students there for swimming lessons during the spring and summer. It would be a shame for the Mayor of Flint to remove funding for this well established and historical strong hold within the community. Are you really thinking of the children or are they becoming political pawns in your (Johnson and Mays) desire to have your way. So unfortunate for the Northend children who have suffered threw the loss of nearly all their community schools which served as summer fun strong holds. Haskell is one of the last places they have to turn to. Don’t take that away from them as well.