Flint, MI— The Flint Community Schools Board of Education will elect two new members on Wednesday, Sept. 29.

Twelve candidates have applied. The board will conduct public interviews and cast their votes starting at 6 p.m. at Accelerated Learning Academy located at 1602 S. Averill Ave.

A special board meeting scheduled at 5 p.m. will precede the candidate interviews.   

The election comes after former longtime board members Diana Wright and Vera Perry resigned in early September.

While school board members are usually elected by the public every four years, due to the unique circumstances district bylaws allow the board to decide.

Here’s who will interview Wednesday.

TaQuon Buford

Occupation: President of brand management firm Damerseo&co

Highest Level of Education: High School, Flint Northern

“I want to be a board member for the sole reason I believe this is a perfect opportunity for the community and the knowledgeable resources, efforts, and execution I have attained over the past 10 years, since attempting to purchase Merrill School in 2021.”

Theda Davis-Henson

Occupation: Retired, former accountant

Highest Level of Education: BBA, University of Michigan-Flint

“(I want to be a board member) to assist scholars obtain a solid education to become successful individuals in society. Also, to use my previous work experience to assist with the school’s finance situation.”

Chris Del Morone

Occupation: Retired

Highest Level of Education: BA, University of Michigan-Flint

Wants to become a board member, “to help students.”

Steven Elkins

Occupation: Vice President for faith-based insurance company CTG Insurance

Highest Level of Education: BBA, Baker College

“The youth of this community are our future. I want to contribute my time and talent to ensuring they receive the best education possible.”

Allen Lee Gilbert

Occupation: Retired, former skilled trades worker for General Motors

Highest Level of Education: High school, Northwestern

Wants to become a board member, “to make it right for our kids in the Flint School District. To stand up for them and their education!”

Ezekiel Harris

Occupation: Co-founder of social justice app Manilla and founder of Freedmen’s Lab, a consultancy and social enterprise start-up

Highest Level of Education: BA, University of Michigan

“My wife and two children moved back to Flint last year because we love the city in spite of its current challenges, and I want to play an active role in giving my son and daughter, as well as all of Flint scholars, the quality education and learning environment that they deserve.”

Dylan M. Luna

Occupation: Business Development Manager, Flint & Genesee Economic Alliance

Highest Level of Education: BA, Michigan State University

“I want to use my professional and personal experiences to be a contributing member of this distinguished Board. I believe I have the passion, experience, and relationships to work together with others on the Board, community, and across the state to improve public education in the district for all scholars.”

Theresa Nelson

Occupation: Owner/cosmetologist, Sweet Tee’s Salon & Kids Spa

Highest Level of Education: BA, Eastern Michigan University

“Having previously (worked) in the school system and currently still working with kids, I believe that I can make a difference for Flint kids.” 

Betty Nostrant

Occupation: Flint representative to the Genesee Intermediate School District Parent Advisory Committee and mother to five special needs children attending Flint Community Schools

Highest Level of Education: GED

“I want to help the school district to recover from the hardships it has endured. People need to be proud of [our] schools again. I want the community to feel like they are heard and understood. I want to help children and their families feel like they matter.”  

Annette O’Malley Duso

Occupation: Semi-retired, classroom training for non-educators’ consultant, and Crim race operations coordinator.

Highest Level of Education: MA in Education, Mary Grove College

“I believe my experience in education and my commitment to children and the Flint community will be an asset to the Board of Education.”

Stephanie Rogers

Occupation: Revenue Officer

Highest Level of Education: MBA, University of Phoenix

“I would love to be able to participate in the reemergence of Flint Community Schools with a strong community participation.”

Arthur Woodson

Occupation: Disabled veteran

Highest Level of Education: High school

“I feel that I could assist in helping our kids grow here in Flint.” 

Carmen Nesbitt is a journalist with diverse experience in news reporting and feature writing. She wrote for Hour Detroit and SEEN Magazine before joining the Flint Beat news team as an education and public...

4 replies on “12 hopefuls to interview for two spots on Flint Board of Ed.”

  1. If they do not have the education and experience to run a business or school system please disregard them. We need educated people on the school board, not just people that “want to help kids”. Go volunteer at a school that is a great help.

  2. I am not just a stay at home mom I am the flint representative for the GISD PAC. I have have studied flints finances while I was looking into the mandatory plan. I also am the mother of 5 special needs kids and understand what the parents want to keep their kids in flint schools and what would bring kids back to flint schools. Without students we have no school system.

  3. The Flint School BORED Board is no longer “neeeed” in my opinion due to the so few schools left open. This is ridiculous to have them now. Why couldn’t they keep the schools opened? They no longer “represent” our schools because there are just a puny handful left when there used to be LOTS of them. This is their fault! They should just close up the remaining schools and let students have online learning only like other schools and colleges do now. It is the future of “real education” here and it’s in a sad, sorry, stupid state! Things need to change for the best! Now is a great time! Get rid of the USELESS School BORED! What are they really doing for us?? NOTHING!

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