FLINT, MI — Mayor Karen Weaver will hold a press conference over conflicting accounts of a meeting she had with Gov. Rick Snyder over Flint’s water credits.

“Mayor Weaver would like (to) address conflicting accounts regarding information sate officials relayed to her and other city officials about the water credits and when/how that information was shared,” said a Feb. 17 statement issued by Flint’s Public Relations Director, Kristin Moore.

The press conference comes after reports that Weaver knew about the state’s plans to end water credits for Flint utility customers since December 2016. City officials made an announcement earlier this month saying they were disappointed with the state’s decision to end water relief credits and stop paying a $1.2-million bill to Great Lakes Water Authority.

Gov. Rick Snyder signed the Flint water relief act in February 2016 giving residential Flint utility customers a 65 percent credit on their water bills and commercial customers a 20 percent credit.

The press conference will be in the lobby of Flint city hall located at 1101 Saginaw Street.