Flint, MI  —The owner of Orchard Lane Manor apartment complex has made a payment on their utility bill ending possible water shutoffs for tenants.
According to Flint City Spokeswoman, the owners made a payment nearly $9,500 payment on an outstanding balance of $65,432.03 removing the complex from Flint’s water shut off list.
On Monday, Flint announced that officials were set to start turning off for what they considered drastically behind water bills.
At least 18 residents along with two apartment buildings were scheduled for shutoffs. Orchard Lake and Lakeside Apartments were the two multi-family housing complexes on the list.
“Now that payment has been received, Orchard Lane Manor will be removed from the shut off list and remain off the list provided the required monthly payments are made,” wrote Moore. “
City officials are still scheduled to discontinue water service on Thursday, March 23rd at Lakeside Apartments, and on April 4th for up to 18 residences due to account holders not making payments for at least five months straight. Past due balances on the residential accounts range from $2,500 to $6,000, and in most cases no payment has been made on the account in two to three years.
Shut off notices were sent to these customers last week indicating that payment of the current utility bill plus 10 percent of the past due balance is required or water service would be shut off.  In addition to the notices, residents were also given an information packet with details about agencies and organizations those with severe financial challenges can turn to for help making the minimum payment due.
Customers with financial hardships who need help paying their water/sewer bill are also urged to call the Customer Service Center at (810) 766-7015, or visit Flint City Hall to discuss payment options with a representative. Tenants who make rental payments that include fees for water services, but have been informed that water at the complex is at risk of shut off may notify the City of Flint Law Department at (810) 766-7146. No legal advice will be provided.
(Article Courtesy of City of Flint Public Relations Director Kristin Moore)