(Update: Five people have come forward saying they are responsible for vandalizing Berston Field House’s basketball court.  Community leaders issued a statement saying no charges will be pressed but the five people ages 17 – 23 will pay restitution, do community service and take a tour of Flint City Lock Up. Read more by clicking here.)

Flint, MI – City leaders say someone vandalized a basketball court at Berston Field House on Flint’s north side sometime during the morning of Sunday, Feb. 23, 2020.

Genesee County Commissioner, Bryant Nolden shared a Facebook video of the damage including tire tracks and pieces of the court that had been removed. Nolden said the court was installed last October and cost $44,000.

Group claims responsibility for vandalizing basketball court at Flint’s Berston Field House

”They came and destroyed it early this morning,” said Nolden I’m a Facebook live video. “This is for the kids in the community. This does not make any sense. They have…destroyed this basketball court. We just put it in last year.

Nolden who also serves as the building’s executive director said they are offering a reward of $1,000 leading to the arrest of who vandalized the court.

Anyone with information can contact the Flint Police Department at 810) 237-6800.