Flint, MI — Flint City Council decided unanimously April 22 to only hold meetings considered necessary until the governor’s stay-home order expires.

The decision sprung from a special order by Councilman Santino Guerra, to discuss the possibility of suspending all committee meetings until further notice in addition to only having meetings as needed.

He explained it was, “just because of the simple fact that we have 4 broken-up committees that expand the amount of time and due to staffing issues.”

“It might also not be a fiscally responsible thing for us to do as well. Since we’re only doing essential items, I don’t think that just having a council meeting would delay anything essential,” Guerra added.

“Essential items” were defined by City Administrator Clyde Edwards as those having to do with public health and safety.

There was some dissent from some council members concerned with completing the budget on time, and the possibility of having to deal with an overhaul of work in regular council meetings.

“Finance committee is an important committee,” Councilman Eric Mays said.

“That’s one of the main things we do, and we are in the middle of the budget deadline based upon the charter as it relates to this fiscal year coming up—fiscal year 2020-21. This council, if they really understand their sworn job, duties, and responsibility, they will not vote to suspend finance committee meetings (anywhere before) June 1st.”

The budget for 2020-21 is to be submitted by the first Monday of June.

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