Flint, MI— The City of Flint issued a Notice of Violations to Flint Community Schools for “an emergency demolition” of the former Washington Community School, which burned down Oct. 7.

The letter, dated Oct. 13, declares the property an illegal “nuisance” and cites several violations, including extensive fire damage and a partially collapsed building. The district must secure a building permit for demolition and tear down the structure.

Flint Community Schools Board of Education has not yet decided how they wish to proceed and is currently seeking legal advice, Trustee Chris Del Morone said.

Washington Community School closed in 2014 and has been sitting abandoned. Officials have not determined the cause of the fire. The Flint Police Department and Michigan State Police are investigating, Battalion Fire Chief Steve Cobb said, adding that several walls were knocked down, so firefighters could safely enter the structure, likely destroying evidence.

“For the most part, it’s going to be a write-off, I think,” Cobb said.

The district can appeal the violation within 21 days of the notice, which was received on Oct. 16.

Carmen Nesbitt is a journalist with diverse experience in news reporting and feature writing. She wrote for Hour Detroit and SEEN Magazine before joining the Flint Beat news team as an education and public...

One reply on “City issues notice to Flint schools for burned down building – Demo structure”

  1. i also live near this and I am SICK of this ugly mess. It is a nuisance and eyesore to the east side! It should have been demoed the day of the fire. the School BORED is taking too long as usual to get this torn down! People keep cutting down the tapes all around this eyesore and why?? There is nothing to take! The playground remains ok and they should keep that opened! No fire damage to that. It was dumb arsonists or vandals that burned it down and no one wants to report them out of fear of retaliation1 the reward money is better than retaliation! i do not know who did it but of I did I would turn that person(s) in immediately. They need to get arrested because they are getting away with practically murder here and no one ones wants to report them! This will keep going on until these low lifes are reported more and more. More vacant and jacked up schools need to come down immediately also. What is taking way too long?? They are embarrassments to our city. Flint Central, Lowell Jr High also need to be demolished on the east side. Both were my school decades ago and i hate how they are now. THEY ALL NEED TO COME DOWN NOW!!!

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