FLINT, MI — Mayor Sheldon Neeley in partnership with Flint City Council today launched a new program to help residents pay their water bills. The Water Payment Assistance Fund will help hundreds of Flint residents.

“We know people are struggling and we continue to look for every avenue possible to provide some relief,” Mayor Sheldon Neeley said.

The City of Flint reprogrammed $74,000 in Community Development Block Grant dollars to fund the effort. Moderate- to low-income residents are eligible, including residents now relying on unemployment because of job losses from coronavirus.

Residents are eligible to receive a credit of up to $75 on their City of Flint water bill. Residents can reapply to receive the credit on up to three water bills. In most instances, the credit will match dollar for dollar the amount residents put toward their bills.

Mayor Neeley worked directly with members of the Flint City Council to develop and apply for funding for the program.

Residents can apply by filling out the online application at www.cityofflint.com/water-payment-assistance-fund. Or residents can call (810) 410-2020 to apply over the phone. For an email application, send a request to navigators@cityofflint.com.

After applying, residents will work directly with one of the City of Flint’s Public Health Navigators to confirm their eligibility.

For more information, visit www.cityofflint.com/water-payment-assistance-fund