Flint, MI — City of Flint officials say a partnership with Michigan State Police, and the Mott Community College and University of Michigan-Flint police departments will help fight crime in city neighborhoods.

“We have gathered here today to talk a little bit about what is going on and the element of crime reduction inside of our community,” said Mayor Sheldon Neeley in a May 15 press conference.

He was joined by Michigan State Police Flint Post Commander First Lieutenant Yvonne Brantley, UM-Flint Police Chief Ray Hall, and Mott Community College Police Chief Michael Odette, as representatives.

“They have all joined here with us today to talk about the unified effort that we’re going to be renewing inside the city of Flint in order to gain a better control of our crime issues in this town.”

The city of Flint will be partnering with these local police agencies as a coordinated effort to fight crime and increase community patrols.

The news was announced following a press conference, in which Neeley, members of the administration, and partners gave an overview of their new approach, saying that there are two aspects of the partnership: road patrol, and detectives. Flint Police Chief Phil Hart said they have also deployed more internal staff, which has increased road patrol and reduced response time.

Response time for Flint Police Department has been cut by 40 percent —17 minutes, compared to their 29 minute response time in 2019, according to Flint Deputy Chief Devon Bernritter. These numbers do not refer to priority 1 calls, which they notably omitted, saying that it is important criminals do not know the average time it takes for the department to respond to a priority.

“The shared service model that this administration is embracing is certainly welcomed. We look forward to working closer sharing even additional information. We have a long history of working well,” said Ray Hall, Director of Public Safety for UM-Flint.

“We’re looking forward to a closer, more collaborative relationship with the Flint PD and the MSP and of course, Mott.”

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