Flint, MI– After the recent Flint city council election brought six newcomers to the table, members chose their most experienced colleague to lead the way.

On Nov. 15, during the first council meeting with the newly-elected members, the council voted to elect first ward Councilman Eric Mays as president.

Mays, who has served two four-year terms on the council, received five votes from himself, fourth ward Councilwoman Judy Priestley, fifth ward Councilwoman Jerri Winfrey-Carter, sixth ward Councilwoman Tonya Burns, and eighth ward Councilman Dennis Pfeiffer. 

“Let’s help each other help the citizens of the city of Flint,” Mays said after getting elected. “Let’s conduct ourselves in a way where we can be proud. Let’s take care of the business of the citizens.”

Mays is a controversial character in Flint, having been removed, arrested, and suspended from meetings over the years– incidents he sued city officials for last year, and lost. But he is loved by many constituents in the first ward who say he always answers his phone, and fights for them in council meetings. They have now elected him three times, this year with 631 votes although he was the only candidate on the ballot. 

The council also elected Seventh ward Councilwoman Allie Herkenroder as vice president. 

Herkenroder was one of the six newcomers elected on Nov. 2. She was elected vice president with five votes from herself, second ward Councilwoman Ladel Lewis, ninth ward Councilwoman Eva Worthing, Murphy, and Priestley.

“I’m excited to work with you, Mr. Mays, and the rest of the council, and get things done for our community,” Herkenroder said after she was elected. 

Mays also appointed members of the council as chairs for the various committees. Here they are:

Finance Chair: Tonya Burns

Vice Finance Chair: Judy Priestley

Governmental Operations Chair: Jerri Winfrey-Carter

Vice Governmental Operations Chair: Ladel Lewis

Legislative Chair: Dennis Pfeiffer

Vice Legislative Chair: Allie Herkenroder

Grants Chair: Eva Worthing

Vice Grants Chair: Judy Priestley

At the beginning of the meeting, Mays made a motion to suspend the rules and govern with common sense and respect for each other, which the council approved. Whether it was the rule suspension, the in-person meeting, the dynamics of the new members, or beginner’s luck, the five-hour meeting on Nov. 15 went smoothly.

Mays said it was a blessing that God has given him the opportunity to try to work with everybody and make the city proud. 

“I look forward to getting everybody ready for the positions that they hold,” Mays said. “And I’m telling you, I’ve been on this council for at least eight years.I ain’t tripping on a position. Just to have it and give to y’all has been a blessing.”

Herkenroder said she was proud to be a part of the council. 

“I just wanted to say how proud I am with how much we’ve gotten done already in these five hours,” she said. “I think this is a really great start to our next five years together as a group.”

Amy Diaz is a journalist hailing from St. Petersburg, FL. She has written for multiple local newspapers in her hometown before becoming a full-time reporter for Flint Beat. When she’s not writing you...

8 replies on “Eric Mays named new Flint City Council president”

  1. ARE THEY OUT 2 LUNCH AND DINNER HERE??? Eric Mays, that BUM , is the new City Council President?? OH PUH-LEEZE! What a seriously DUMB mistake!! They must have been DRUNK when they voted him in!! This is so very UNREAL! He does NOT need to be president of anything here! They are all headed for trouble here. This is a major OUTRAGE and INSULT to Flint!!1 Give us a break and fire him already1 What a major ASS here!

  2. No, This was a great move. Mr Mays has a wealth of experience and has a lot to offer. He is very passionate about serving on the this council. I have never heard or read Mr Mays make negative statements about the people in the city of Flint. He has stayed and been part of the negative as well as the postives. He has been active with city council as far back as I can remember when Mayor Colier was elected. He was passionately
    Active then and thank God he has not changed,

  3. Agreed! Eric will do a great job, and finally the health welfare and safety of the residence will be a priority as well. Eva May not realize it but the committee chairs is huge a huge responsibility, keeping up with the amount of grants that are coming in, the council and the public have a right and a need to know. A lot of money involved. I look forward to seeing some good things happen for a change wouldn’t that be nice.

  4. President makes sense. He has more experience than all of them. He expressed a willingness to teach and work with his colleagues and most importantly of all, work with them on their concerns so that the Council can move the City of Flint forward. I say CONGRATULATIONS to Council President Eric Mays!!

  5. Eric Mays is exactly what is wrong with this city. Drunk. Disorderly. Weed. Need I remind everyone that he was stopped going down I-475 on the wrong side of the highway with 4 flat tires, drunk and a bag of weed on the front seat? Truly a travesty that this “man” was elected President of anything. He is an embarrassment to us all. God help us now.

  6. Eric Mays is a DISAPPOINTMENT and EMBARRASSMENT for Flint City Council. They are headed for trouble with him as President. I pray to see him OUSTED before the end of 2021! I agree with Minerva. The people that voted for him were DRUNK and on WEED too just like he always is! Eric will just cause more problems there than solve them. They need a much better leader than him. He’s not fit to lead ANYTHING as far as I am concerned. He is just plain TROUBLE and will only cause more. GET HIM OUT OF FLINT!!

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