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Flint, MI—The Market Tap in downtown Flint will soon be host to Pride After Dark, a one-time event featuring food, drinks, and award-winning entertainers.

The event, put on by Flint Pride and Wellness Services, is the next in a series of small summer gatherings hosted by the two organizations to make up for the cancellation of the Flint Pride Festival. Pride After Dark will also be the first fundraiser held by Flint Pride.

Teresa Springer, director of programs at Wellness Services, said she hopes the event will help fund what she has unofficially been calling the Welcome Back Flint Pride Festival in 2022. Entry to the event is $30.

“We just want to throw a fun event that can help raise money for next year. We’re going to do some drag performances, some advocacy talks about what Wellness does and what we do. We’re going to feed people, there will be a cash bar and, hopefully, our host and performers will help draw out more donations,” Springer said.

Still wanting to be inclusive of the LGBTQ+ community in Flint, Springer said ticket prices will be halved in the coming days and those not able to afford the admittance fee can still reach out to Flint Pride to possibly get a free or reduced entry.

Springer said the main attractions will be put on by the event’s host, DJ, and performers.

One of the performers that night, Detroit-based Cierra Dior Malone, agrees. Malone is an award-winning performer whose accolades include Miss Port Huron and Miss Woodward, Miss Halloween and Miss. July.

“I’ve been a showgirl for almost 20 years now. … People want to see entertainment, they want to see an illusion. I’m going to give them all of that. It’s glamour, it’s fierceness. Expect to be blown away,” Malone said.

Pride After Dark will include performances by other talents including Raven Divine Cassadine and Diana Paradise. Jasmine Dior will host with the accompaniment of DJ Tone.

The event will be held on Friday, August 13 from 6 to 10 p.m. at the Market Tap in the Farmers Market. Tickets can be purchased here.

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  1. Why can’t people be STRAIGHT?? Why celebrate this immorality that God hates? Why can’t this be for everyone, not just gays, lesbians, etc?? These types of people are not getting into God’s Holy Heaven. God hates the SIN of homosexuality and lesbianism. It is not OK to Him. People need to get saved and changed through a relationship with Jesus Christ! All these events that celebrate homosexuality makes God and me puke!

    1. Judge not, lest ye be judged.

      Speaking for God, eh? Sounds an awful lot like blasphemy to me and since the Bible says that there is no greater sin than another, you might be in trouble on judgement day, my friend.

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