Flint, MI—Michigan State University (MSU) is receiving millions in continued funding from the federal government for the Flint Registry. 

In a Jan. 10 press release, MSU announced that the 2023 federal budget will provide $5 million to support the Flint Registry, which connects people impacted by the Flint water crisis to resources on lead elimination, nutrition, child development and health. 

Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha, director of the MSU-Hurley Children’s Hospital Pediatric Public Health Initiative and the registry’s principal investigator, said the funding represents “a commitment from Congress to continue the work of the Flint Registry, not only for the people of Flint, but [also] for the lessons that we’ve been able to share and we’ll continue to share with the rest of the nation.”

Federal funding for the registry first began in 2017 and its enrollment started the year after. Since then, the Flint Registry has enrolled more than 21,000 participants and provided over 30,000 referrals, Hanna-Attisha explained.

Beyond carrying out surveys and data collection, Hanna-Attisha said the Flint Registry aims to support participants by referring them to available services. Lead elimination services, which include the state’s Lead Safe Home Program and the City of Flint’s Lead Service Line Replacement Program, rank as the registry’s top referrals. 

Looking ahead, Hanna-Attisha noted that the Flint Registry will continue to conduct follow-ups with participants over time. 

That’s critical to ensuring people receive the necessary services, given the Flint water crisis’ long-term impact on people’s wellbeing, Flint Registry’s director Nicole Jones previously told Flint Beat

When it comes to mental health, for instance, a study published in 2022 shows that long after the start of the water crisis, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder remain highly prevalent among Flint adults. 

Meanwhile, Hanna-Attisha noted that enrollment for the Flint Registry continues, and that “there’s a lot of folks out there that still need us, that still can benefit from sharing their story … but most importantly, benefit from getting the resources that we can help connect them to.” 

The Flint Registry can be reached at 833-463-5468 or FlintRegistry@hc.msu.edu. Click here to learn more about the registry.

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