Flint, MI —  Master Jeffrey Wheeler of Double Dragon Tang Soo Do is taking action to help those staying at home by promoting healthy habits and routines with Facebook Live cardio kickboxing classes.

“If you’re looking to do something different, get a little bit of exercise in the safety of your own home, break up the monotony, release some stress, get more flexible, gain some strength, and gain some skill at the same time, consider doing one of our free online classes,” says Wheeler. “It’s like a tutorial. You’ll learn something along the way. Who knows, you may discover that this was something you’ve always wanted to do, you just never had time to do it. Or maybe it’s just something to do during the interim. Whatever it may be, the benefit is still yours.”

The flow of the class is catered to everyone, whether they’re regularly practicing or just beginners. Like all workouts, it begins with warming up, then goes into an action-packed cardio routine, and finally eases into focusing on the importance of winding down.

“It’s kind of like a train leaving the station,” says Wheeler. “It gets momentum then gets faster, gets faster, gets faster. It gives people an opportunity to learn the basics without overwhelming them at first, then increasing intensity and introducing slightly different techniques as we go on. It’s for anyone.”

In addition to the cardio kickboxing classes, Master Wheeler keeps busy live streaming community karate classes Monday through Thursday, as well as shooting training modules for his existing students. As far as the live streams, it’s not just local Flint residents paying attention.

“I have people that are tuning in from Costa Rica, from Seattle, from Germany, from all around the country,” says Wheeler. “Obviously they’re not coming to Double Dragon, but it doesn’t mean that what we’re offering them won’t spark an interest. Whether it’s Korean style or Japanese—-I don’t care what it is. Hopefully, they’ll find a place to enjoy this experience for the rest of their lives.”

In a trying time for most during the stay-at-home order, Master Wheeler has a positive outlook, thanks to the discipline of a lifetime in martial arts.

“Keep the faith, be encouraged, don’t get caught up in the panic,” says Wheeler. “There’s a silver lining in this. The Earth is healing. Our ecosystem has taken a much needed deep breath from everything we’ve dumped on it. Love, your family. This is an opportunity to grow closer to your kids, husband, wife, whatever. This is a time to be creative within your family. Take advantage of it. This too, will pass. Follow the directive of our CDC medical professionals. We’re not invincible. Be active in your home. Get out and get some fresh air. Take on that project you’ve been waiting to do. And help somebody else along the way.”

Like Double Dragon Tang Soo Do on Facebook to tune into their Facebook Live cardio kickboxing every Tuesday and Thursday from 6:15 p.m. – 7 p.m. and their community karate classes Monday through Thursday from 5:30 pm – 6:05 pm. 

Learn more about Tang Soo Do by visiting  their website at http://www.worldtangsoodo.com.

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