Flint, MI—Flint Community Schools Board of Education voted to remove Danielle Green as president after she allegedly assaulted Treasurer Laura MacIntyre during a committee meeting the morning of March 23. 

Green will still serve on the board but not in the capacity of president.

According to Michigan Law, elected school officials may not be removed from their seat unless they die, are convicted of a felony, are declared legally incapacitated, neglect to file acceptance of office, resign, or cease to possess the legal qualifications for holding office.  

The board held an emergency meeting at 6 p.m. on March 23 to discuss the incident and vote on whether to remove Green as president. The vote passed 6-0. Green was not present at the meeting.  

MacIntyre said Green attacked her “unprovoked.” 

“There was no fight. There was no argument. I was chairing a committee meeting and I was attacked unprovoked out of the blue. … I was brutally attacked and had to seek medical attention,” MacIntyre said. 

MacIntyre said Green choked her, slammed her head against a table, and “repeatedly” punched her in the head. All board members were present at the meeting and were witnesses to the alleged assault, she said. 

“I feel sad. Because at the end of the day, this is our district. These are our children and it’s not about me being attacked. It’s an attack on our school district and our children. I really want to get back to work and ensure our district isn’t taken from us,” MacIntyre said. 

MacIntyre said she saw her physician immediately afterward and she is currently being monitored for a concussion. MacIntyre has filed a police report and the case is under investigation.

Green, who did not respond to requests for comment by press time, has not been arrested. 

With Green’s removal as president, the board shuffled officer positions. Joyce Ellis-McNeal, former vice president, will serve as president. Carol McIntosh will serve as vice president and Linda Boose will step into the role of secretary.

Flint Community Schools Board of Education Treasurer Laura MacIntyre gets emotional during an emergency meeting after former President Danielle Green allegedly assaulted her on March 23, 2022 (KT Kanazawich | Flint Beat)

“I apologize to you and the board,” Trustee Allen Gilbert said to MacIntyre during the emergency meeting. “All of us are responsible for what happened today. That’s my position. It wasn’t right. I didn’t like it. I did my best to restrain and to stop it. It wasn’t good enough. You did not deserve it.”  

Community activist Claudia Perkins-Milton addressed the board during public comment.  

“Nobody should be brutalized like that. Especially when there are parents and children in the building. This is just ridiculous. And I, for one, am happy that you took the position that you took,” Perkins-Milton said.

Marlis Settle, a Brownell STEM Academy staff member, also spoke to the board. 

“Today’s incident was a slap in our face. It was a slap in our face.  We were set back. We are now being laughed at. That does not feel good. I can’t tell my scholars not to fight when we as adults cannot control our emotions,” Settle said. 

The board also voted 6 – 0 to have police and security present at all future meetings

“We need police right now….That was a physical assault. There was blood. There were bruises,” Trustee Chris Del Morone said. 

Flint Community Schools Superintendent Kevelin Jones said he wants parents, staff, and students to remain “future-focused.”

“I want us to stay resilient and focus on what it is we are here to do every day,” Jones said. “I know things can happen and it can sidetrack us from our goals and our purpose…. We can push past all of the things that [are] trying to cause smokescreens for the work that we need to do for children.” 

Carmen Nesbitt is a journalist with diverse experience in news reporting and feature writing. She wrote for Hour Detroit and SEEN Magazine before joining the Flint Beat news team as an education and public...

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  1. People of color are getting sick n tired of the Karen’s in the world and they are(Karen’s) an organization that is organized to go after you! yes the black woman so go ahead and stick up for that karen and watch your black children educational progression snowball in reverse due to the fact

  2. No black woman will just out of nowhere assault another person without causes, especially if they have something to lose. The whole truth isn’t coming out and no one seems to be taking the side of Danielle Green. It was provoked, I’m almost 100% sure it was provoked. MacIntyre let her mouth write a check that her behind couldn’t cash.

    1. Are you that naïve? There are articles in the news every day where POC attach people unprovoked….even women. I’m not saying this is a race problem, as people of all color can and will attach unprovoked at times. However, claiming that she was “provoked” and that a POC woman would never attach unprovoked, when all witnesses state otherwise, is nothing more than racial bias and gas lighting.

  3. I do not know either of these women, however if their Facebook profiles are accurate portrayals of their lives then this was undoubtedly the inevitable outcome. I seriously doubt race had anything to do with this issue.

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