August 31, 2017

Open Letter to the Editor:

On Tuesday, August 29, 2017, Lakeisha Williams and Nancy Burgher made false, untrue allegations under oath in court about Mayor Dr. Karen W. Weaver and her City Administrator, Sylvester Jones, Jr. While it’s important to note that both ladies lied under oath, which is a crime in this country, it is also important to understand how such actions harm the larger community.

Since the false allegations were made, I have received hundreds of telephone calls and text messages from people across the country to encourage me to hang in there and not to be distracted by these allegations. Quite frankly, the allegations shook me to my core! Anyone who really knows me understands that I live a principled life. I have strong convictions of right and wrong and I will do anything in my power to help others.

I accepted an appointment in the Weaver Administration because I know she lives a principled life as well. While I knew the challenges before us would be daunting, I had no idea that I would be confronted with such a clear battle of good versus evil. That’s right, the false allegations made in court on Tuesday, August 29th against me and Mayor Weaver is a clear indicator that we are fighting a spiritual fight and this is Good versus Evil.

Having painted the picture for you, the question is not whether the false allegations are true or not. At this point, the question is where do you stand? The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. stated and I quote, “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands in times of challenge and controversy.” In the City of Flint, we are at a time of challenge and controversy so the question is, where do you stand?

Good people, where do you stand? In this context, I am not referring to everyone. I am talking directly to those people who believe they have a good heart. This is not about politics! This is not about race! This is not about religion and this is not about economics! This fight is about principles! If you believe you are a good person it’s now time that you stand up and fight for good people.

Mayor Weaver and I are trying to do the right thing. Will we make mistakes? Absolutely. Many years ago I was taught that anyone who is doing anything will make mistakes. The more important question is, “Are we TRYING to do the right thing for residents of the City of Flint?” The overwhelming answer to that question is ABSOLUTELY! While we are trying to do the right thing by the residents of the City of Flint, it is obvious that we will make some mistakes BUT it is important that everyone understands that we are principled leaders who desire to do the right thing.

As you consider the truthfulness of the allegations made against Mayor Weaver and I just remember why you elected her. Most of you elected Mayor Karen W. Weaver as your Mayor because you knew she has a good heart. That has not changed!

I accepted this appointment with the Mayor because I know she has a good heart and every day she and I are showing up to work with the sole intentions of doing what is in the best interest of the residents of Flint.

In closing, it is important that you know that the false allegations made by Ms. Williams and Ms. Burgher in court on Tuesday, August 29th are FALSE. More importantly, it is important that you know that the Mayor and I are principled leaders who want to do the right thing. Neither of us would sacrifice our freedom and/or our families for an election. Moreover, ask yourself, “Where is the proof that such a bribe took place?”

Ms. Williams says that she stopped getting signatures yet she is still a resident of the City of Flint. Ms. Burgher said I promised her a damage claim yet there is no record of a damage claim being approved for Ms. Burgher. The facts speak for themselves. We are principled leaders who desire to do the right thing for the residents of Flint.

As Joshua 24:15 states, “Choose this day whom you will serve!” Will you choose Good or Evil? Your actions – from this point forward – will answer this question! Mayor Weaver and I have made the decision to fight for Good. To live for Good and to be a blessing to God’s people.

In Service,

Sylvester Jones, Jr.

City Administrator

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