FLINT, MI – City Administrator Sylvester Jones is taking his claims that witness testimonies saying he offered bribes to people in hopes of stopping recall efforts against Flint Mayor Karen Weaver were “untrue” to airways.

According to radio show host, AC Dumas, Jones will be a special guest on the show, “Truth shall make you free.” The show airs on WFLT 1420AM Sept. 2, 2017 from 9:30 a.m. to 10 a.m.

Jones is responding to the testimony of witnesses during an Aug. 20, 2017 hearing where Weaver was fighting recall efforts to remove her from office. She has since dropped the lawsuit.

Lakeshia Williams testifies in the third hearing regarding efforts to remove Flint Mayor Karen Weaver. Williams says Flint’s City Administrator Sylvester Jones allegedly offered her a bribe to stop collecting recall signatures.(Jacob Carah)

Witnesses testified that Jones offered to relocate them if they would discontinue collecting signatures supporting recall efforts.

One witness, Lakeshia Williams, said she met with both Jones and Weaver regarding health issues she said stemmed Flint’s water crisis. She also alleges that Jones offered to relocate her if she stopped collecting signatures to remove Weaver.

“I had three at the most,” said Williams during the Aug. 29 hearing regarding meeting with Jones and Weaver. “They also said they would have somebody come out and fix my apartment, which [Jones] did have someone come out and look at it but nothing was ever fixed.”

Jones did say in an earlier interview with Flint Beat that he and Weaver met with Williams but he denied claims that Williams was asked to drop recall signature efforts.

“I did try to help that woman,” Jones said. “I even made calls to help her move but I never asked her to stop collecting signatures.”

Jones also responded to the bribery allegations in a Letter to the Editor on Aug. 30, 2017 saying the claims were “untrue.”

Listeners can call (810) 239-5733 during the show.

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