Flint, MI – Flint City Council Vice President Ladel Lewis and Councilwoman Eva Worthing have called for a special Flint City Council meeting to consider an extension of the city’s trash contract and resolutions allocating opioid settlement funds and American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds.

The special meeting is scheduled to take place at 6:30 p.m. on Nov. 2, 2023.

Worthing said they called the meeting in hopes of allocating all of the ARPA funds before a December deadline, so they can potentially get additional ARPA funds.

The following resolutions will be on the agenda at the meeting:

  • A resolution authorizing $108,000 in opioid settlement funds toward a lease at 4813 Clio Road for a customer service center for residents on Flint’s north side to engage with city services, such as paying water bills and other city fees, as well as have access to the city’s public health office.
  • A $26 million, five-year trash contract extension with Priority Waste, LLC.
  • A resolution authorizing $50,000 in opioid settlement funds to the Donations with Love Foundation.
  • A resolution authorizing $200,000 in opioid settlement funds to Insight Med-Psych Healthcare Services and Hospital.

The following resolutions were also included in the press release, but without specified amounts of funds:

  • A resolution allocating ARPA funds to the Neighborhood Engagement Hub to serve as a fiduciary for the Mott Park Neighborhood Association in responding to impacts of the pandemic on blight.
  • A resolution allocating ARPA funds to the Ashbury Community Development Center for increased food access.
  • A resolution allocating ARPA funds to R.L. Jones Community Outreach Center for increased food access.
  • A resolution “to proceed with ARPA funds improve parks and community centers.”

About two and a half hours after this public notice was emailed, another one was sent, calling another special meeting at the same time and place to handle the same resolutions and additionally, “other city business.” This second meeting was called by Flint City Councilmembers Eric Mays and Jerri Winfrey-Carter.

Sophia is Flint Beat's City Hall reporter. She joins the team after previously reporting for the Livingston Daily and the Lansing State Journal, along with some freelance work with The New York Times....

One reply on “Flint City Council to hold meeting for opioid settlement, ARPA and trash contract”

  1. I can fairly accept the following matter to be defacto.
    I’m seeing our Mayor and his appointed, this municipality’s chief risk office legal/counselor have failed to contact, per written notice to both give months ago, concerning The City of Flint, MI involving litigation seeking indictments and convictions. The tortuous lawsuit for damages; and, since Michigan is a “deep pockets” State (closely associated events) resulting from a conspiracy to murder a mid-grade Federal Officer “under contract” with the city for Specific Performance…and complete failure to guarantee for successful services rendered commiserate resulting in massive Professional harm…of the stated herein, of two parties, in the amount of 34.5 million dollars, with court costs to be reimbursed to client petitioner,
    spend as much money as fast as you can, City Counsel. With the potential of Federal Eminent Domain, all property will transfer from City stewardship to Federal ownership.
    “What we pay for, we own”. This is our right to seize.
    And The Mott Foundation, which receives 150 million dollars for funding various programs in the city–which is well known for only spending a small fraction of those Federal monies…and recoups what monies ARE spent enriches BACK to the Mott Foundation.
    So, the “family” which was involved in the conspiracy to murder? Guess what?
    It’s going to be over soon.
    This publicly released statement is advisory. And, it’s author is responsible for it’s contents . (CTTO)
    {You were poisoned by lead contamination. True. You need to be told EXACTLY who and why you were tactically poisoned. And, the report, and I know from a “Mott Family” source…first hand. I think she will give testimony…or else face a Federal Indictment!
    This is how I practice my Federal Duties…to protect the innocent.

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