Flint, MI – In the Genesee County District Court, there are thousands of outstanding warrants and local organizers are hoping a new event will help decrease those numbers.

F.A.I.R Voting Alliance Founder and Executive Director Percy Glover said there are about 22,000 outstanding warrants at the Genesee County District Court. Glover has been working with the county’s Friend of the Court to help resolve some such warrants and to further that task, his organization will be hosting a clinic alongside Growing Real Alternatives Everywhere (GRAE), Black Voters Matter and the North Flint Neighborhood Action Council on August 12, 2023.

“Clearly, this is a major need in our community. It is a win for literally everyone,” Glover said.

He added that there is no risk of being arrested at the clinic for outstanding warrants.

“Our local clerk and judges will be there. So a judge would have to order somebody to be arrested, and that’s not what they are [there for],” he said. “We also want to create unification in the community, and you don’t create unification by putting on a flyer ‘no fear of arrest’ and then arresting people.”

The clinic will take place from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Peckham Career Center at 1309 N. Ballenger in Flint, Mich. To register, attendees can email Glover at percy.glover@outlook.com or call him at (810) 210-4041.

Glover said attendees should sign up in advance so the judicial team at the clinic has time to look deeper into each attendee’s warrants, but people can also show up without registering and receive help.

To participate, attendees must bring a Michigan driver’s license or ID. However, Glover noted there will also be a Secretary of State representative there to help if identification is an issue.

Though this is F.A.I.R. Voting Alliance’s first warrant clinic, Glover said he intends to plan more in the future.

Sophia is Flint Beat's City Hall reporter. She joins the team after previously reporting for the Livingston Daily and the Lansing State Journal, along with some freelance work with The New York Times....