[paypal_donation_button]FLINT, MI. —More residents face shutoffs for overdue water bill accounts in Flint.

According to a March 30, 2017 press release from City of Flint Spokeswoman Kristin Moore, 31 residents have been identified where no payment has been made in at least 15 months resulting in balances between $2,030 to $5,653 past due.

“By law, the City of Flint is required to collect payment from customers receiving water and sewer services,” said Flint’s Interim Chief Financial Officer, David Sabuda. “Sewer services have not been affected by the water crisis and tests show the quality of water in Flint has improved. We need to show the state that our residents are paying for services the city is providing. Too many uncollected bills for the water and sewer funds will create more financial hardships for the City as we work to move forward.”

City officials visited homes on Thursday, March 30, 2017  to leave shut-off that water services will be discontinued the week of April 10, 2017. They are also leaving information packets giving customers instructions on how to prevent shutoffs including making payment arrangements.

“I continue to look for ways to right the wrongs that have been done and that led to the water crisis,” said Mayor Karen Weaver. “We are working to get some assistance for those who really can’t afford to pay their utility bills. I hope to have more information about that soon. In the meantime, the City needs residents who can pay to pay what they can.”

Officials are asking both residential and commercial customers to pay their current bills and at least 10 percent of their past due balances.

Residents who obtain assistance with their accounts must call the Customer Service Center and provide their case worker’s name so the account can be removed from the shut-off list.

The packet provided also includes contact information of agencies and organizations that people with severe financial challenges can turn to for help making their minimum payment due.

Customers with financial hardships who need help paying their water/sewer bill are also urged to call the Customer Service Center at (810) 766-7015, or visit Flint City Hall to discuss payment options with a representative.

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  1. The city needs to take the governor and the State of Michigan to the US Supreme Court since the legislature of Michigan changed the laws and made it impossible to sue the governor and the SOM for the whole water debacle. This was a crime and manipulation of the law to avoid prosecution has got to be illegal and unprecedented (maybe).

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