Flint, MI– The Flint Police Department is investigating a dead body found in an abandoned home on Flint’s east side.

According to The Flint Police Department’s Sgt. Tyrone Booth, the police received a 911 call on Nov. 24, at approximately 2 p.m. regarding a body found in an abandoned home on Bennett Ave.

Booth said that at this time, no determination has been made as to the cause of death.

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  1. Everything BAD happens on the east side where I am and why?? When will GOOD STUFF ever start happening here?? I am SICK of all the bad crap! It needs to change and for the BEST! It has been ROTTEN too long and it could be BEAUTIFUL! NO MORE BAD CRAP HAPPENING!! Help turn it around and be a much better and greater east side!

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