Flint, MI — Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church officials are asking residents to throw away water distributed at their church on Dec. 21 on North Saginaw Street.

“The brands of concern have been identified as “Niagara” and “Refresh” please dispose of this brand immediately,” wrote officials on Shiloh’s FaceBook page on Dec. 23. The concern came after residents complained that the water smelled bad and had a strange taste. Residents started voicing their concerns on social media.

On Dec. 21, 2019 local churches and community members helped distribute 100 pallets of water to the community that was donated to Flint by FEMA. The shipment of water contained various brands including Niagara and Refresh.

If residents feel that they have received bad water, they are being asked to call the church at (810) 795-6271 and provide the brand name and dates found on the cases. The church said they are investigating the issue.