Pipeline excavation work in Flint.

Flint, MI– The deadline to sign up for the City of Flint’s Service Line Replacement program is this Friday, July 23. 

The program is free, but you must sign up for it. You can sign up by calling 810-410-1132, emailing GetTheLeadOut@cityofflint.com, or by visiting the city’s website. You can also sign up by mail, at this address: 

Flint City Hall
DPW Service line replacement program
1101 S. Saginaw St.
Flint, MI  48502

According to a press release from the city, once you’ve signed up, a resident 18 years or older must be home for the crews to come excavate the service line and replace it if necessary.  

When the crews come to your home, they will dig a hole to check the home’s pipes. If the pipes are copper, they will be considered safe and won’t be replaced. The crews will fill the hole, and stop asking permission to check your service lines. 

If the pipes are lead or galvanized steel, they will be replaced. Crews may need to enter the home to make sure the service line is connected properly. 

As needed, crews will return to your home to do restoration work to the yard and sidewalk, which does not require a resident to be home. 

According to the release, as of June 18, 2021, the city has checked the service lines at 27,092 homes and replaced 10,041 lead and/or galvanized steel pipes. The remaining 17,051 homes did not need to have their lines replaced because they were copper.

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  1. The City of Flint should also replace the plumbing inside of homes as well. Not just the water heater.

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