Flint, MI– A Flint School Board member is facing two misdemeanor charges for assault and battery and disrupting a public meeting following an alleged assault of another board member.

The Flint City Attorney’s office authorized two criminal charges against board member Danielle Green on April 4 for an incident that occurred nearly two weeks ago. 

On March 23, Green, who was the Flint Community School Board president at the time, allegedly assaulted Treasurer Laura MacIntyre during a subcommittee meeting. 

Later that day, the school board convened an emergency meeting to discuss the incident. 

MacIntyre said that Green had attacked her “unprovoked” by choking her, slamming her head against a table, and “repeatedly” punching her in the head. 

The board unanimously voted to remove Green, who was not present for the emergency meeting, as president. She remains a board member.

Circuit Court Judge Joseph Farah granted MacIntyre a Personal Protection Order (PPO) against Green and community activist Arthur Woodson on March 28.

After reviewing the Flint Police Department’s investigation report of the incident, the Flint City Attorney’s office authorized one assault and battery charge and one disorderly conduct charge for “disrupting a public meeting,” according to a press release from Victoria Cooper of the city of Flint’s legal department.

According to Michigan Law, elected school officials may not be removed from their seat unless they die, are convicted of a felony, are declared legally incapacitated, neglect to file acceptance of office, resign, or cease to possess the legal qualifications for holding office.  

Both charges Green is facing are “misdemeanor violations of City ordinance,” not felony charges. 

According to Genesee County’s Deputy Chief Assistant Prosecutor John Potbury, those charges are punishable by “up to 93 days in jail.”

Green has not yet been arraigned and was not available for comment by publication time.

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  1. Why is she being prosecuted by the city attorney for an ordinance violation and not by the county prosecutor under state law for criminal assault causing injury? That would increase the potential penalty to a year in jail and a larger fine. After all, her victim allegedly suffered a concussion.

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