Flint, MI— Flint Schools officials are preparing to present a rough draft of the district’s 2020-2022 revised strategic plan to community members for input on April 23, 2021. 

The strategic plan has not been updated since 2017 and provides a “roadmap” for district objectives. 

“Your strategic plan, for lack of a better phrase, is your bible. It is what you use as the driving force behind what you do in the district,” Superintendent Anita Steward said. 

Steward presented an overview of the plan to Flint Schools board members Secretary Danielle Green and Assistant Secretary/Treasurer Joyce Ellis-McNeal during a Community Relations Subcommittee meeting on March 24. 

Steward said the leadership team identified five priorities which will guide future decision making: student focus, teaching and learning, culture and climate, staffing, and finance. 

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All priorities support the district’s core beliefs, Steward said, which include educating the whole child, acknowledging the parent as being a child’s “first teacher,” holding staff to the highest standard, and making all decisions in the best interests of students.  

Board members discussed the importance of continuing a hybrid (virtual and in-person) education approach once the pandemic has ended. 

“I believe that virtual learning is a tool that should stay in school.  I believe that is one of the greatest ways that we can move our kids forward,” McNeal said. 

Part of the plan describes the “characteristics of a 2022 Flint Community Schools graduate.” 

“We will want our Flint Community Schools, graduates to have work ethic, to be able to focus on life skills, to be college and career prepared, and to be globally prepared,” Steward said. 

Steward also announced the district’s goal of having six to seven new buildings that meet staff and student needs. 

“Our scholars in the City of Flint, as well as our staff and our community deserve new buildings,” Steward said. 

Steward did not say how the new builds would be funded. 

Green said it is most important to her that Flint students are competitive.  

“I would like to (ensure) that our scholars who come out of the Flint Community Schools are able to compete, like going into job interviews, going into a trade. Whatever they’re going into, I just want us to be able to prepare them to be in that top tier to compete with those who may have had a different background,” she said. 

McNeal suggested the district make an effort to instill life skills early on. She said teachers and community members should be encouraging children to ask and answer three questions of themselves: “Who am I?”  “Where am I going?” “How do I get there?” 

A rough draft will be presented to teachers and staff on April 13 and 20.

Community members will be invited for their input on Friday, April 23 at 2 p.m. 

District officials said they welcome any Flint resident and stress that community feedback is vital to the success of the strategic plan. Suggestions will be considered and incorporated into the final plan. 

“My goal is to restore what was stolen from us, and to make it bigger and better,” McNeal said. Details about the town hall’s agenda and location have not yet been announced.

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