Flint, MI—The first day of school on Aug 3, 2022, is just around the corner for Flint Community Schools. As the school district prepares for the 2022-2023 school year, officials have decided that wearing face masks in its buildings will not be mandated. But the district will be encouraging the use of masks.

“After meeting with our medical team, we have decided that masks will not be required in our buildings, but they will be recommended. We will still implement measures to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, including hand sanitizer stations and thorough surface cleanings,” wrote Flint Community Schools Superintendent Kevelin Jones to families in an August 2022 communication.

Given that COVID-19 infections remain an ongoing risk, public health officials have urged the public to stay on guard, and Flint Community Schools will require masking under certain circumstances. 

According to the district’s revised COVID protocols, masks will still be compulsory on district school buses. Masking is also required for anyone in a district building with COVID symptoms or those living with someone who has COVID. 

As a way to build layers of protection against COVID, the district’s guide further recommends various preventative practices. For one, it advises eligible individuals to get vaccinated. Anyone who is sick should stay at home, the protocols state. Proper hand hygiene, covering coughs or sneezes and social distancing are all among the practices that the district encourages.

Flint Community Schools will also continue to offer testing at district buildings for students who may be exposed to COVID.

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