Flint, MI– The city of Flint has set a date to rebid a trash collection contract after the first bid process was done incorrectly, according to city officials. 

Flint’s Chief Financial Officer Shelbi Frayer said the new bid process for waste collection services will be open to the public for hearing July 12.

At a special city council meeting June 7, Frayer said that the bid process for trash collection contracts in February and March was done incorrectly, according to the City’s charter. Normally, bids would be received, opened publicly, and read off in a public setting. Due to the pandemic, with City Hall closed, Frayer said the bid process occurred in a private room with only the internal purchasing staff present. 

Council voted June 9 to hold an investigative hearing regarding the private bid process. A date for the hearing has yet to be determined.

At a June 23 committee meeting City Attorney Angela Wheeler told council members that Attorney Ridley S. Nimmo, II would speak to the Flint City Council at the June 28 committee meeting about the investigative hearing on the garbage bid process.

“I’ve known him professionally,” Wheeler said of Nimmo. “He is qualified and will do a professional job in telling you and guiding you through the process, and that includes complying with what the charter says when it comes to having those rules in place.”

On June 28, the council will also discuss a proposal by the city administration to extend the current trash contract with Republic Services for 90 days, giving the City time to go through the new bidding process.

The bid opening is scheduled for July 12 at 11:00 a.m. The public can join virtually through this link or can attend in person at Flint City Hall, located at 1101 S. Saginaw St, McKenzie Conference Room, 2nd Floor, Flint, MI 48502. 

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  1. The company you have now has made a mess of picking up are trash .theres times they have missed my trash and many times they have not picked up my yard waist to the point if it rains I have to teabag it and that’s not acceptable we pay taxes to have are trash picked up and they need to do there job it’s not are fault if they cant find the people to do it .so to get it done make them work on Saturdays and sundays to catch up I’m tired of this and since you took the garbage pickup from are own city workers it’s been a sad day for flint

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