Flint, MI—Crews will isolate and take the Flint Water Tower offline tomorrow, May 31, 2023, for interior upgrades and maintenance, according to a May 30 city press release.

The release states that the tower’s primary purpose is to control pressure in Flint’s water system and that the city has put a “variety of other tools” in place to manage water pressure while the tower is out of service for an anticipated period of six to eight weeks.

“I want to assure Flint residents that scheduled repairs and upgrades to the Flint Water Tower will not impact water quality or delivery,” Flint Mayor Sheldon Neeley said. “We are making investments to continuously improve our water infrastructure and enhance the quality and reliability of water in the City of Flint.”

The release notes that pressure spikes will be minimized by special machinery at the main pump station and “constant pressure readings around the city.”

Further, the city said, several pressure relief valves have also been installed on fire hydrants around the city.

“If there are rapid changes in flows and pressures in the distribution system, one or more pressure relief valves will open to dump water onto the ground,” the release explains. “This prevents pressure spikes from occurring and will help prevent water main breaks.”

Maintenance inside the water tower will include cleaning and painting the elevated tank’s interior, installing a new mixer to improve water quality, and making upgrades to the tank hatches, overflow, and drain.

The roughly two month timeline for the tower’s maintenance and upgrades will also allow for draining, cleaning, repairing the tank, painting, refilling and testing the tank as well as bacteriological testing.

The total cost of maintenance and upgrades to the water tower is approximately $590,000, according to the release.

“While the Flint Water Tower is offline, all other major elements of Flint’s water infrastructure will remain fully engaged,” the release states.

The city encourages Flint residents to call 810-766-7202 to report water main breaks or any changes or problems with their water. For sewer issues, residents should call 810-766-7079.