Flint, Mich.—She calls herself the GWOAT, the Greatest Woman of All Time. Now, you can too.

Flint native and boxing champ Claressa Shields has been nominated for ESPN’s Best Boxer ESPY award.

No one can say she doesn’t deserve to be in the running. In her last bout, back in her hometown, she handily beat the until-then undefeated Marie-Eve Dicaire. With that win, Shields, with two Olympic gold medals, kept her undefeated status and became the first undisputed titleholder in two divisions in the four-belt era—something no boxer, man or woman, has ever done.

Since then, Shields, looking to expand her career and get the money and respect she feels is due, has transitioned to mixed martial arts—and remained undefeated. In a completely different fighting environment, against an opponent with completely different skills, Shields was able to adapt in her June 10 MMA debut and still use her punching power to remain an undefeated fighter.

You can vote for Shields here.

Scott Atkinson has been reporting on Flint for more than fifteen years. He spent several years as a reporter for The Flint Journal and is the editor of "Happy Anyway: A Flint Anthology," a collection of...