Flint, MI– The former Flint police officer who was arrested last week for sexually abusing a minor is facing nine additional charges after a second victim came forward.

Justin McLeod, 36, was arrested last Monday night following a forensic interview with a juvenile female victim who accused him of sexually abusing her for two years. 

He pleaded not guilty to nine charges related to criminal sexual misconduct against a child under 13. Sheriff Chris Swanson announced Wednesday afternoon that with the testimony of a second victim, he is facing nine new charges totaling 101 additional years. 

“We had a second victim come forward, and that victim saw the courage of the first victim, and said ‘I thought I was the only one,’” Swanson said. 

Of the nine new charges, five are for criminal sexual conduct. McLeod is also being charged with accosting a child under 16 for immoral purposes, extortion, distributing sexually explicit matter to a minor and misconduct in office.

Swanson said the victim is not a relative of McLeod but is somebody “in his circle of influence through a family friend.”

He said the victim had been in McLeod’s “trap” for two and a half years. 

“Utilizing his position of authority as a police officer, as a K9 officer, to convince a young individual that he loved them, and that they were important, and then swoop in with a trap,” he said. “It’s called grooming.” 

Swanson thanked the victims for coming forward and said because of their courage, they “stopped a predator in their tracks.”

McLeod, who had worked in the Flint Police Department for five years, has been terminated from his position. 

“We won’t have a problem with this guy hurting our people again, I promise you that,” Swanson said.

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