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Updated as of: 10:18 a.m.

Electors of President and Vice-President of the United States

Total VotesPercentage
Joseph Biden and Kamala Harris, DEM12008253.63%
Donald Trump and Michael Pence, REP9919944.30%

Genesee County Clerk and Register of Deed

Total VotesPercentage
John Gleason , DEM12674156.60%
Jesse Couch, REP8559338.23%


Total VotesPercentage
Deborah Cherry, DEM124122 55.43%
Deborah Hoss, REP86527 38.64%

Representative in Congress, 5th District

Total VotesPercentage
Daniel T. Kildee, DEM125961  56.26%
Tim Kelly, REP84631  37.80% 
James Harris, LIB3266  1.46%
Kathy Goodwin, WCP4857  2.17% 

United States Senator

Total VotesPercentage
Gary Peters, DEM12108454.08%
John James, REP9496742.41%
Valerie L. Willis, UST22120.99%
Marcia Squier, GRN15150.68%
Doug Dern, NLP5070.23%

Genesee County Sheriff

Total VotesPercentage
Chris Swanson, DEM15078567.34%
Stephen Sanford, REP6471828.90%

Judge of District Court 67-5A District Non-Incumbent Position

Total VotesPercentage
Torchio Feaster, NON919526.77%
Tabitha Marsh, REP1924656.02%

Judge of Circuit Court 7th Circuit Non-Incumbent Position

Total VotesPercentage
Chris Christenson10073344.99%
Herman Marable, Jr.6211227.74%

Representative in State Legislature, 34th District

Total VotesPercentage
Cynthia R. Neeley, DEM24028  84.81%
James Miraglia, REP3683  13.00%

Flint Community Schools Board of Education

Total VotesPercentage
Timothy Abdul-Matin50524.90%
Mario DeSean Booker49424.80%
Michael Doan40243.90%
Joyce Ellis-McNeal9409  9.13% 
Antonio V. Forte II3055  2.96% 
Ariana Hawk 5618  5.45%
Jaron Houston 2918  2.83% 
Laura Gillespie MacIntyre62776.09%
Billie Mitchell48944.75%
Anita M. Moore 90538.78%
Roemon M. Murphy 27112.63%
Leondrew Wesley 29612.87%

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