Flint, MI—The Mott Foundation announced the results of a recent survey of residents on how they would like to see $1 million spent to improve Flint’s neighborhoods.

More than 800 people voted over a period of two weeks. After votes associated with ZIP codes outside the city of Flint were removed, votes from 640 residents were tallied.

The top vote-getters are listed below. Based on the average amounts suggested for each project, the Mott Foundation will fund the top seven projects, along with $76,680 toward the eighth project, to equal $1 million.

  1. Demolish vacant houses that are beyond repair.
    235 votes | $150,553
  2. Hire young people to assist with neighborhood cleanups and beautification.
    215 votes | $109,860
  3. Offer a home improvement loan/grant fund for home repairs and upgrades.
    197 votes | $161,878
  4. Take down properties that have been burned.
    193 votes | $139,378
  5. Demolish homes listed on the City’s Property Portal that are designated as needing demolition but currently no funds are available.
    184 votes | $158,098
  6. Offer a home repair program for seniors who want to stay in their homes but are unable to do minor repairs themselves.
    160 votes | $121,406
  7. Place dumpsters throughout the city during designated times of the year (e.g., spring cleaning and fall winterizing).
    156 votes | $82,147
  8. Build upon the City’s Blight Elimination Task Force.
    146 votes | $139,966

You can see a complete list of how each of the 70 projects ranked here.

You told us what was important to you, and we’re eager to get money into Flint neighborhoods to support your priorities.

As the next step, the Mott Foundation will begin reaching out to local nonprofit organizations that could potentially tackle the eight projects.

We will report back to the community on which nonprofits received grants to complete the work.

Thank you again for your input and interest as we all Focus on Flint! Stay up to date on the Focus on Flint initiative at focusonflint.org/updates.

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  1. The same old same old the money stay in the same old place and in the same hand s only helping family a nd friend who stick together like this water crisis all the people of flint won’t see or hear of this unless your church or rep members hang out together I’m from the south side where we have to deal with a abandon hotel that’s been there for years and I saw that harboring the homeless coming and going all types of night fighting arguing even a killing over there no solution no help to get rid of because it’s not on the north side of town they don’t live in this neighborhood have to have burglar bars lights alarms everything to protect yourself during this terrible time no one cares on the southside of Flint

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