WASHINGTON—Congressman Dan Kildee, Chief Deputy Whip of the House Democratic Caucus, today applauded the passage of bipartisan legislation, supported by Republicans and Democrats, to fund the government for fiscal year 2023. The legislation includes all 15 of Congressman Kildee’s Community Project Funding requests, benefitting Genesee, Saginaw and Bay County residents and full funding for the Flint Registry to help people recover from the Flint water crisis.

“Republicans and Democrats have come together to pass a long-term government funding bill that will help grow our economy and lower costs for mid-Michigan families. I am proud that this legislation includes funding for 15 economic development projects in mid-Michigan and full funding for the Flint Registry. These local projects will make our neighborhoods safer, create good-paying jobs and increase access to affordable health care,” Congressman Kildee said.

Altogether, Congressman Kildee secured $35,348,085 in funding for 15 mid-Michigan community projects through this government funding package. The federal funding for local initiatives will support after-school and cultural enrichment programs for youth, small business development, infrastructure repairs and transportation improvements, economic development projects, substance abuse treatment programs and blight removal.

Additionally, this government funding package provides $5 million for Flint’s Lead Registry. Created and first funded by Congress in 2016, the Flint Registry continues to play a critical role in the city’s recovery from the Flint water crisis.

The Appropriations Committee recently created an opportunity for Members of Congress to direct federal resources to certain projects with demonstrated community support, commonly referred to as Community Project Funding. Per Committee rules, each Member of Congress can submit up to 15 projects for consideration to be funded within the Fiscal Year (FY) 2023 appropriations bills.

The 15 Kildee projects that passed the House and will be signed into law by the president include:

$2,000,000 to the Bay County Health Department to build a health facility that houses public health, primary care, substance abuse treatment and other human service programs and agencies in a single-building complex. Currently, services for Bay County families are scattered across the county.

  • “The support from Congressman Kildee for this Community Health Center Project is just another example of his unwavering commitment to improve the physical and mental health of the citizens of Bay County and to provide expanded access to much-needed services in our community. We appreciate Congressman Kildee’s effort to secure funding and his confidence in Bay County’s ability to move this project forward,” said Jim Barcia, Bay County Executive.
  • “Thank you, Congressman Kildee, for helping to deliver this much-needed support to the Bay County Health Department’s health facility project. In Bay County, this funding will help us make critical investments in a health facility that houses public health, primary care, substance abuse treatment and other human service programs and agencies in a single-building complex. The Congressman’s support will help make this project a reality,” said Joel Strasz, Bay County Health Department.

$4,347,000 for eight mid-Michigan law enforcement agencies, as well as the Michigan State Police, to undertake the mid-Michigan Law Enforcement Modernization Plan. This funding will allow local police departments to make critical upgrades based on the public safety needs of each community.

  • “Congressman Kildee shows up on the front lines yet again by providing critical funding for law enforcement throughout the State of Michigan. Because of this, officers are safer, the community is safer, and the people win again,” said Christopher R. Swanson, Genesee County Sheriff.
  • “Thank you, Congressman Kildee, for helping to deliver this much-needed support to the Bay County Sheriff’s Office and local police departments across mid-Michigan. In Bay County, this funding will help us make critical equipment upgrades – including body cameras, a patrol vessel and an airboat—to advance our mission. These additional resources for local law enforcement will make a big difference in reducing crime and improving public safety,” said Troy Cunningham, Bay County Sheriff.
  • “We are grateful to Congressman Dan Kildee for his efforts to secure funding for the Michigan State Police, and several other agencies, to assist with equipment and technology upgrades and training focusing on today’s modern policing needs,” said Col. Joe Gasper, Director, Michigan State Police. “This grant award will directly benefit the communities and people we all are committed to serving.”
  • “I would like to thank Congressman Dan Kildee for the support on our community project to help keep our citizens safe in and around the city of Saginaw. The Saginaw Police Department will use the funding to acquire effective technologies and equipment to assist in investigating, responding to, and preventing crime. This will increase the efficiency of policing operations, assist in the investigation of criminal activity and work as a deterrent to crime. This funding will allow the department to enhance a variety of policing services, increase officer safety and provide a superior level of response to the community,” said Robert Ruth, Saginaw Police Chief.

$3,000,000 to the city of Saginaw to make infrastructure investments, including moving overhead power lines underground, to prepare downtown Saginaw for large-scale economic development and help unlock additional economic development investments in the community.

  • “Congressman Kildee understands the importance of redeveloping our urban core, particularly our downtown and riverfront. Bringing residents, businesses, and students downtown has been one of our key economic development goals, and we are thankful to Congressman Kildee for his recognition and dedication to that goal and the City of Saginaw,” said Tim Morales, Saginaw City Manager. “Ultimately, we want to grow our downtown, increase interest and activity in our neighborhoods, and increase our population. Funding for infrastructure development downtown will lead the way for large-scale economic development in our community.”

$2,800,000 to the Bay, Genesee and Saginaw Habitats for Humanity to make critical home repairs, including energy systems and roofs, for veterans and low-income households and to support the Flint Home Improvement Fund (HIF), which helps Flint residents make necessary home upgrades to address health and safety issues.

  • “We would like to thank Congressman Dan Kildee for being a champion for our families desperately needing help! With this funding, Bay County Habitat for Humanity will be able to help our veterans with critical home repairs that are needed to allow them to stay in their homes,” said Brian Krause, Executive Director, Bay County Habitat for Humanity.
  • “Genesee County Habitat for Humanity would like to extend a huge debt of gratitude to Congressman Kildee for continuing to take a bold approach to support his constituents. This Community Project Funding request will help Genesee, Bay and Saginaw-Shiawassee Habitat for Humanity Affiliates continue to provide essential home repairs for low to moderate homeowners. These services are crucial to assuring families safe, affordable housing, while also securing equity to help to close the generational wealth gap felt by so many hard-working Michigan Families,” said Thomas Hutchison, Executive Director, Genesee County Habitat for Humanity.
  • “We wholeheartedly thank Congressman Dan Kildee, who worked hard to pass this funding to benefit the communities he serves. Saginaw-Shiawassee Habitat for Humanity is so grateful for funding that will help homeowners with grants to replace big ticket items such as furnaces, boilers, central air conditioners, water heaters and insulation they would otherwise not be able to replace without assistance,” said Carmen Mora, Executive Director, Saginaw-Shiawassee Habitat for Humanity.

$3,000,000 to the YMCA of Flint, Dow Bay Area Family YMCA and the YMCA of Saginaw to upgrade and improve community centers across mid-Michigan, helping with the construction of a new community center in Flint, renovation of an existing center in Saginaw and the construction of an outdoor center in Bay City.

  • “Congressman Kildee continues to be a huge supporter of youth, families, and seniors in the greater Flint area. With this funding, we will be able to expand our healthy living and chronic disease programs, water safety classes, and additional free afterschool programs, and help over 8,000 people each year. We applaud Congressman Kildee for passing this funding to help us improve the quality of life for many in this community,” said Shelly Hilton, CEO, YMCA of Greater Flint.
  • “We appreciate Congressman Kildee’s continued support of children and families in Bay County, as demonstrated through his efforts to pass this funding,” said Steve Krankota, CEO, Dow Bay Area Family YMCA. “The last couple of years have put a bright light on the need in our community for safe, outdoor spaces with access for all to be able to learn, grow and thrive. This funding will not only help us to expand our programming and resources to serve our community, but it will turn what was recently a vacant lot into a space that will continue to cement our legacy and commitment to the area.”
  • “We are grateful to Congressman Kildee for his continued support of our YMCA and for recognizing the Y’s important role in providing essential services for the youth, teens, families, seniors and veterans we serve in Saginaw,” said Steve Meyer, President and CEO, YMCA of Saginaw. “We are very excited that Congressman Kildee sponsored our community project proposal and to see it pass Congress. This funding will help us complete renovations that have created shared access to collaborators and offers shared assets at the Y to strengthen community partnerships. We will also use a share of the funds to repurpose space to expand programs like licensed childcare and to enhance safety, security, and technology at the Y.”

$2,416,664 to the Saginaw County Land Bank Authority to demolish dangerous, vacant properties, including the demolition of a former Chevrolet Plant, the former Welcome Inn Motel in Buena Vista Township and vacant properties surrounding the campus of Covenant Healthcare. This funding will also help plant trees on vacant lots to improve urban tree cover.

  • “On behalf of the citizens of Saginaw County, I want to extend a gracious thank you to Congressman Kildee for helping to pass this funding for the Saginaw County Land Bank Authority. The funding will be used to demolish a large vacant hotel, demolish buildings on an auto parts manufacturing property, and tear down blighted homes around our hospital campuses that are among our county’s largest employers. All the projects are located in highly visible areas that are parts of commercial districts that will help promote economic development in our community,” said Tim Novak, Chair, Saginaw County Land Bank Authority.
  • “This funding will provide an opportunity to remove blighted properties along a critical thoroughfare that leads to Downtown Saginaw. The removal of blighted properties will not only offer safer and more attractive neighborhoods, but also enhance a gateway into the City of Saginaw and create areas for future development which will lead to a positive economic impact. Thank you, Congressman Kildee, for passing this funding in Congress,” said Mayor Brenda Moore, City of Saginaw.
  • “We are so fortunate to have the support of Congressman Kildee and we are excited to demolish this blighted and dangerous eyesore in Buena Vista. It is our belief that once this building is demolished, it will bring more opportunities for community development. I would like to thank Congressman Kildee for his work to fund this important project for our community,” said Torrie Lee, Superintendent, Buena Vista Charter Township.
  • “Due to collective threats to our regional tree canopy, this funding will support a unique opportunity to leverage vacant land assets in the City of Saginaw to generate a source of locally-grown trees and opportunities to plant and help restore the canopy in the process. The Saginaw Basin Land Conservancy appreciates Congressman Kildee and his work to deliver this funding and work closely with local partners to implement positive change in Saginaw,” said Trevor Edmonds, Program Director, Saginaw Basin Land Conservancy.
  • “Blight has been an issue in our community, but I truly believe that the entire community has a role to play in creating awareness and change. With targeted programs, supported by Congressman Kildee, that foster community engagement and neighborhood enhancement, we are taking giant steps at improving blight,” said Hurley Coleman III, Executive Director, Saginaw County Community Action Committee.
  • “I believe blight removal is the first step in combating a number of issues that affect our area. We all know when areas look better, there is a reduction in litter, illegal dumping, and crime. Thank you, Congressman Kildee, for securing these funds for blight removal in Saginaw,” said Rob Brown, CEO, First Ward Community Center.
  • “We are so grateful to Congressman Kildee for passing this funding for our community. Demolishing these buildings has been a top priority for Saginaw Future and all of our partners.” said JoAnn Crary, President, Saginaw Future. “They are not only eyesores but are dangerous buildings that need to come down.”
  • “Nexteer would like to thank Congressman Kildee, Buena Vista Charter Township and the Saginaw County Land Bank Authority for working to secure funds to demolish the vacant hotel on Holland Road and other blighted sites within our community. These blighted sites project an inaccurate image of Buena Vista and Saginaw County, and removing them will help promote new economic development and further beautify this wonderful community for all of us who live, work and visit here,” said Jill Dralle, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Nexteer Automotive.
  • “I am very excited about the blight demolition. As one of the main corridors on I-75, the old, abandoned, dilapidated hotel has been an eyesore in our community for way too long. As a ministry, we are committed to supporting initiatives that help to revitalize our community and improve the lives of surrounding families. This is a great next step to moving forward. I am grateful to Congressman Kildee for his great leadership and for helping make this happen,” said Pastor Chris V. Pryor, Victorious Believers Ministries.

$4,000,000 to the Saginaw Transit Authority Regional Services (STARS) to purchase 10 new, large transit buses to improve transportation reliability and air quality for the residents of Saginaw County.

  • “STARS is grateful for Congressman Kildee’s support of our agency and the riders that we serve daily. With this funding, we will be able to invest in sorely needed new vehicles, allowing us to continue and expand much-needed services across the region. These services will improve residents’ connections to medical and mental healthcare, jobs, education, and community services. I’m glad Congressman Kildee recognized this and worked to pass this funding through Congress,” said Jamie Forbes, Director of External Affairs, Saginaw Transit & Authority.

$2,000,000 to the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan to cover the cost of shared maintenance fees associated with operating 455 mobile food distributions across mid-Michigan, including the cost of equipment, fuel, drivers, insurance, maintenance, and the movement and storage of donated and purchased food. This funding will also support a Saginaw-based community organization to increase its food storage capacity.

  • “Congressman Kildee has been a long-time advocate for hunger relief and assistance programs that provide food and support to those in need throughout the state. With this funding, the Food Bank will distribute an additional 455 mobile pantries, providing food for 182,000 families. Our partner agencies will receive more fresh produce, meat, dairy, and pantry staples to stock their shelves and distribute to their neighbors. We are so grateful for Congressman Kildee’s dedication to his constituents and the communities he serves,” said Kara Ross, President and CEO, Food Bank of Eastern Michigan.
  • “We are grateful to Congressman Dan Kildee for seeing through to the end this opportunity that will help the Saginaw region to further address some of our community’s most pressing food challenges, from access to healthy options to expanding the regional food ecosystem,” stated Pamela Pugh, Convener, Saginaw Just Transition Indaba, a partnership led by Saginaw County CAC, First Ward Community Center, The NeighB, World Outreach Campus COGIC, and the Fairground Neighborhood Association. “We are looking forward to working with community partners to center economic dignity and self-sufficiency while addressing other increasing community concerns related to food access.”

$1,065,000 to the Central Michigan University, on behalf of the Central Michigan University Research Corporation (CMURC) and in conjunction with the Michigan Small Business Development Center (SBDC), to expand resources for small businesses, including creating an entrepreneurial training program in Saginaw and offering one-to-one business consulting for emerging entrepreneurs across mid-Michigan and a 12-week cohort-style training program that will directly benefit new and existing small businesses improve innovation, inclusion and economic resiliency in mid-Michigan.

  • “We are thankful for Congressman Kildee’s support of the Michigan Small Business Development Center’s Community Project Fund request to support small businesses. This Community Project Funding, which Congressman Kildee helped pass, will provide a boost to entrepreneurs who are trying to sustain, grow and innovate,” said J.D. Collins, CEO, Michigan SBDC. “These funds will benefit local small businesses and strengthen the regional economy while creating a more welcoming environment for underserved entrepreneurs.”
  • “We would like to thank Congressman Kildee for working to pass this funding for our project, Building Resilience through Innovation: Inclusive Entrepreneurship,” said Erin Strang, President and CEO, CMURC. “This proposal meets significant economic needs, both locally in Saginaw and at a regional level. It will help create a long-term solution for economic resiliency in the area that is led by microbusinesses and entrepreneurs, connecting individuals with the resources and network available to develop and create business, jobs, and lifelong opportunities.”

$1,905,421 to the Flint Institute of Science and History, in coordination with the Sloan Museum of Discovery, Flint Institute of Arts, Flint Soap Box Derby, Crim Fitness Foundation, and the Flint Institute of Music to expand and improve after school services available to students across Genesee County. These programs will help children in Genesee County have access to Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math education.

  • “We are so excited for the youth of Flint and surrounding areas to benefit from this funding. This support for after-school educational experiences is critical to help our kids grow and develop. The new Sloan Museum of Discovery and our Discovery Lab will be able to provide enriching and educational experiences in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) to thousands of students each year. The impact of these programs will greatly benefit our youth and allow them to pursue their future dreams and career goals, and we thank Congressman Dan Kildee for his support,” said Todd K. Slisher, Executive Director, Sloan Museum and Longway Planetarium.
  • “We are unbelievably grateful for this generous funding, made possible through Congressman Dan Kildee. These dollars will allow the Flint Institute of Music to restore, maintain and improve quality of life for K-8 students in Flint through evidence-based music therapy—a proactive response to the inevitable social, emotional, physical and cognitive health effects of trauma and lead exposure. It will be put to use in the treatment of mental and behavioral health issues,” said Rodney Lontine, President and CEO, Flint Institute of Music.
  • “We want to thank Congressman Dan Kildee for his efforts to secure this federal funding. This funding will help support the Flint Institute of Arts’ JumpSTART program. JumpSTART will empower early childhood classroom teachers to incorporate high-quality art education into their curriculum throughout the school year. By providing students opportunities to build literacy and develop math, science, problem-solving, and visual expression skills, we will continue making a difference in the lives of children across Genesee County,” said Tracee J. Glab, Executive Director, Flint Institute of Arts. 
  • “The Crim Fitness Foundation is grateful for Congressman Kildee’s support of our Families For Life program through congressional appropriations funding in the 2023 fiscal year. Led by the Flint Community Education Initiative, this program features a heavy emphasis on family literacy and incorporates 2-generational learning elements, such as family-centered-coaching, financial literacy, and lead-mitigating strategies. We extend our thanks to Congressman Kildee for advancing the work of community education in Flint,” said Lauren Holaly-Zembo, CEO, Crim Fitness Foundation.
  • “We are thrilled by Congressman Kildee’s support of the Flint Soap Box Derby. Thanks to this funding secured by Congressman Kildee, we are now able to develop and implement collaborative experiential learning programming with an emphasis on the future workforce,” said Kevin Cronin, Executive Director, Flint Soap Box Derby.

$2,064,000 to the Mott Community College to expand language and literacy services programs for Genesee County children through Latinx and the Flint Genesee Literacy Network. 

  • “We are deeply grateful for Congressman Dan Kildee’s efforts to secure these federal resources. This funding will allow us to continue removing language barriers in the communities we serve and increase our investment in arts education. By investing in these programs, Latinx will continue our commitment to supporting immigrants, as well as children and families across mid-Michigan,” said Asa Zuccaro, Executive Director, Latinx.
  • “We at the Flint & Genesee Literacy Network are grateful to Congressman Kildee for his support of the Flint Kids Read program. Helping our children learn to read puts them on a path to success. Already we have distributed more than 237,845 books to 10,050 children in Flint. With this funding, we will be able to continue our vital work improving the literacy and health of young children in Flint and expand our efforts to reach all children ages zero to five throughout Genesee County,” said Angela D. Hood, Executive Director, Flint & Genesee Literacy Network.

$4,000,000 to the Genesee County Land Bank Authority to demolish up to 240 dangerous and vacant residential and commercial structures to create opportunities for homeowners to build wealth through homeownership and new opportunities for economic investment and revitalization.

  • “The Genesee County Land Bank Authority and the residents of Genesee County offer their sincerest gratitude for Congressman Kildee’s ongoing efforts to help us with the issues of blight, abandonment and foreclosure. This federal funding will assist us in demolishing blighted and hazardous structures in our community and improve the health and vitality of many neighborhoods that have been left behind. Eliminating hazards in neighborhoods and commercial corridors is the first step to restoring value to neighboring homeowners, creating opportunities for residents to build wealth through homeownership and creating new opportunities for equitable investment and improvements in areas that have experienced significant hardship over the past few decades,” said Michael Freeman, Executive Director, Genesee County Land Bank Authority.

$1,000,000 to the Hamilton Community Health Network, Inc., an established federally qualified health center (FQHC) in mid-Michigan, to create an accessible, state-of-the-art medical facility on the east side of the city of Flint for insured and uninsured residents in need of medical, dental, vision, behavioral health, pharmacy, laboratory, x-ray, and substance use disorder treatment.

  • “Ensuring all residents have access to quality and affordable healthcare services is critical to the health and well-being of our community,” said Clarence R. Pierce, CEO, Hamilton Community Health Network. “This funding will have a profound effect on Hamilton’s ability to provide accessible care to residents on the Flint’s east side, and we are thankful for Congressman Kildee’s dedication and persistence to support our effort to establish a new medical facility for the community to utilize as their medical home.”

$1,000,000 to the New Paths, Inc., a non-profit substance use disorder treatment center, to provide upgrades to its treatment center and recovery housing facilities.

  • “New Paths, Inc. is thankful to Congressman Kildee for this funding. As our community faces a variety of social determinants and health disparities around access to behavioral health treatment, this funding couldn’t have come at a better time. It will help address some of the economic, social, and physical needs within our community by helping transform our facilities. These funds will help us focus on critical repairs to the infrastructure of our treatment and recovery houses and help us continue to provide a safe, welcoming, healthy and positive space, for those who are in recovery or receiving treatment,” said James Hudgens, Executive Director, New Paths, Inc.

$750,000 to the Genesee County Road Commission to upgrade and improve several roads in Flint, Fenton, Grand Blanc and across Genesee County to improve the quality, durability, and safety of key roads in the community.

  • “The Genesee County Road Commission is grateful Congressman Kildee was able to secure this federal funding for Genesee County’s aging transportation infrastructure. This funding will help us make needed improvements to our community. We look forward to continuing our work with Congressman Kildee to bring federal dollars back home,” said Eric Johnston, Director of Engineering, Genesee County Road Commission.

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