December 16, 2019

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Mayor Neeley hosts listening session with city employees

FLINT, Michigan–Mayor Sheldon Neeley hosted the second of four planned listening sessions tonight (Dec. 16, 2019), meeting with City of Flint employees in the Dome at City Hall.

Calling city employees experts in their fields, Mayor Neeley invited employees to share their ideas, concerns, and vision for Flint. The hour-long, after-hours meeting included a wide range of topics including the physical condition of City Hall, creating a portal for employees to access policies and information, improving the City of Flint website, and increasing communication between departments. 

“My job is to create the best working environment possible for you to do your jobs. I cannot undo the past, but we will work together to move forward. No matter what our particular role is, all of us are here to serve the residents of Flint,” Mayor Neeley said. 

Several city employees also specifically thanked Mayor Neeley for giving them an opportunity to share their thoughts directly with him, saying they don’t remember ever having a similar opportunity.

Employees were also given the option of asking questions, sharing ideas, or leaving comments on index cards if they didn’t want to speak in front of the group.

Mayor Neeley also asked the team at City Hall to help spread the word about the city’s ongoing service line replacement work and the upcoming Census 2020.

Mayor Neeley’s listening sessions are designed to inform his administration and help bring unity to the city. An additional listening session is planned with local business leaders and a final session for residents will be open to the public.


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