Age: 69

Occupation: Retiree

Educational degrees and qualifications:

12 th grade certificates from the UAW in leadership, bargaining, organizing and more

Why are you running for Flint Board of Education?

To help the children with stronger curriculums, to Help repopulate the community with families and I’m an advocate of public schools.

Flint Community Schools continue to battle against financial hardships. If elected to the Flint Board of Education, how would you leverage the current Flint Community Schools properties, occupied and vacant, to alleviate this financial strain?

Sell of the buildings that we can to offset costs, put activities back in our communities to stop the children from vandalizing the areas and rebuild good public schools.

If elected to the Flint Board of Education, how will you ensure that the district attracts and maintains highly qualified teachers and other staff? Please explain any plan(s) for recruitment and retention?

Offer a decent wage and incentives and make sure of their certifications that they are up to par.

Flint Board of Education meetings have become tumultuous and often inefficient. If elected to the board, what role will you play in returning decorum to the board and making it more efficient?

I’m a no nonsense type of person and am about the business at hand. I would know the rules, by laws, and comrodary with everyone on the board.

In your opinion, what role does the Flint Board of Education play in improving academic progress of students in Flint Community Schools? Please explain any plan(s) to implement measures to improve academic progress. 

It’s the board’s responsibility to oversee everything that is going to affect the children. I also think negotiations are essential and I’m a negotiator from the UAW. Activities as well as a sound curriculum.

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