Age: 20

Occupation: McDonalds General Manager

Educational degrees and qualifications:

– Currently attending the University of Michigan-Flint: Senior Year
– Fmr. Vice Chair of Senate in the UofM-Flint Student Government
– Fmr. Student Representative on the Carman-Ainsworth School Board of Education

Why are you running for Flint Board of Education?

As a recent high school graduate and a current college student, I understand the unique challenges our scholars are facing inside and outside the classroom. From my time as a student and later on becoming a substitute teacher, I see fully that our scholars need positive leadership that will be exemplary role models on the board. I am ready to do the necessary work for good service.

Flint Community Schools continue to battle against financial hardships. If elected to the Flint Board of Education, how would you leverage the current Flint Community Schools properties, occupied and vacant, to alleviate this financial strain?

It is challenging for Flint Schools to maintain its vacant property. The current Board set out the bids for the 13 vacant properties which is a good start. By selling these properties off will limit the financial strain it cost to maintain the facilities. We also must invest into existing buildings infrastructure to prevent potential lawsuits. Some properties we can still hold, but at the moment the school district can no longer afford to maintain the vacant buildings, so it is time to begin selling them off.

If elected to the Flint Board of Education, how will you ensure that the district attracts and maintains highly qualified teachers and other staff? Please explain any plan(s) for recruitment and retention?

– I would start by looking into ways we can increase educators wages. Educators are wearing multiple hats in the classroom while being underpaid. A newly graduate coming out of college into the classroom are not making enough. This discourage new hires from coming to the district.

– As a board, we can create policies that will create better working conditions. Teachers need the updated equipment and facilities. When teachers feel valued and proud of their district they are more likely to stay.When we make the investment in teachers it will spread onto students which will create a strong and vibrant district.

Flint Board of Education meetings have become tumultuous and often inefficient. If elected to the board, what role will you play in returning decorum to the board and making it more efficient?

To the best of my ability, I will help create a positive environment on the Board of Education. I will be a leader that will listen, compromise, and unite. I will use my experience in parliamentary procedure, from my time serving in the UofM-Flint Student Government, to help our meeting run efficiently as intended. I will also be attending the Michigan Association of School Board (MASB) training to help me learn how to better serve our district.

In your opinion, what role does the Flint Board of Education play in improving academic progress of students in Flint Community Schools? Please explain any plan(s) to implement measures to improve academic progress. 

The Board plays a major role in improving the academic progress because the Board sets policies that govern the district. The Board establish the mission, sets the tone, and defines the standards of the district.

As a Board, we can create opportunities for students to excel inside and outside the classroom. For example, the Board can create skill trades programs through partnership with community organizations. College is not always the option and Flint Schools could provide another pathway for the scholars. Imagine if Flint Schools have a skill trades program that certifies their skill and could land them a job post graduation. I see that opportunity as a game changer. Another program we could expand is the Montessori program at DTM district wide. We must be creative in our decision making to meet the needs of the students.