Flint, MI— The City of Flint’s Chief Financial Officer is leaving her position less than six months after she was appointed. 

“City of Flint CFO Shelbi Frayer will be moving on to take a once in a lifetime opportunity and we wish her the best,” said Flint’s Director of Communications Melissa Brown on Aug. 6.

Mayor Sheldon Neeley announced his appointment of Frayer on Feb. 24, and said she had started earlier that month as an interim CFO. It wasn’t until April 14 that her appointment was approved by the city council. 

Since then, Frayer has attended council meetings to speak on the budget, incoming American Rescue Plan Act funds, and more recently, an issue with the waste collection bid process. 

In her time as CFO, the city council has also voted on two separate occasions to hold investigative hearings involving Frayer and other officials. 

The council first voted to hold an investigative hearing and subpoena 12 officials including Frayer on May 17, during a special finance committee meeting to discuss the budget. 

The council members that voted in favor of the investigative hearing said that they felt the administration was instructed not to answer their questions. That investigative hearing did not happen, but Frayer did meet with the council to answer more budget-related questions. 

In June, the council voted to hold another investigative hearing into a private bid process for waste collection contracts. Frayer told the council that she learned the bid process was done in private, not in accordance with the city’s charter, and that the administration was working to redo the bids. That hearing has not happened yet either.

Before coming to Flint, Frayer previously served as the chief strategy and financial officer for the City of Lansing, and served the State of Michigan in different roles including executive director for the Financial Review Commission, director of the Office of School Review and Fiscal Accountability, and director of Local Government.

“A transition period is in place and we remain committed to making the City’s finances a priority as we continue to move forward in a positive direction,” Brown said.

Brown did not give the date of Frayer’s last day.

Amy Diaz is a journalist hailing from St. Petersburg, FL. She has written for multiple local newspapers in her hometown before becoming a full-time reporter for Flint Beat. When she’s not writing you...

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