Photo taken Monday, May 25, 2020 during special free COVID-19 testing conducted by Michigan National Guard at Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church, 2120 N. Saginaw St. in Flint. (Courtesy Photo)

FLINT, MI—More than 500 people were tested for COVID-19 through a special partnership that provided free, no prerequisite testing to City of Flint residents at Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church on Sunday and Monday, May 24-25.

The State of Michigan — through Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, state Rep. Cyntia Neeley and the Michigan National Guard — joined forces with the City of Flint and Genesee County Health Department to conduct the testing.

Conducting the special two-day testing event was made possible through the hard work and dedication of more than 40 personnel and volunteers from the Michigan National Guard, Genesee County Health Department, City of Flint, Shiloh MBC, and the Michigan State Police.

In total, 223 individuals were tested on Saturday and 299 on Sunday, according to the Genesee County Health Department.

“This is evidence of what is possible with partnership. We are so appreciative of our state and county partners coming together to provide this testing opportunity to our community,” Mayor Sheldon Neeley said. “Testing and teamwork are important tools we will continue to utilize to fight this deadly virus.”

The testing was conducted by the Michigan National Guard soldiers. Those tested will be notified by the Genesee County Health Department of their results.

There are at least 14 testing locations continuing to operate in Genesee County, including Hamilton Community Health Network on Clio Road, Michigan Health Specialists on Robert T. Longway Boulevard, Rite Aid on Clio Road and the Wal-Mart on Corunna Road. For more information on testing locations, the State of Michigan offers an online Test Finder site.