FLINT,MI — Mayor Karen Weaver, and everyone in the lobby of Flint City Hall Thursday afternoon, got to meet the 33 trainees working to become firefighters for the City of Flint. The men and women are hoping to fill positions now available after the City was awarded the Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response (SAFER) grant last fall. Flint will receive $3,767,280 from the Federal Emergency Management Agency thanks to the approved grant application written primarily by Chief Raymond Barton and Emergency Medical Services Coordinator Carrie Edwards.

“This is such a good start for us,” said Mayor Karen Weaver as she watched the trainees salute. “This is what residents have been asking for. Yes we want the water situation resolved, but public safety is also a top priority. These major steps to improve public safety is what’s really going to help bring Flint back.”

Training is expected to be complete in June. Once the recruits have fulfilled their requirements they will be certified firefighters, emergency medical technicians (EMT), hazmat technicians and emergency vehicle operators.

Once the new additions are officially on board leaders of the fire department expect to re-open Fire Station 8 on Atherton Road.