Flint, MI—Mott Community College (MCC) has launched a program to help its former students re-enroll by waiving their debt owed, if eligible. 

Individuals with an outstanding balance from their enrollment between the fall 2017 and fall 2022 semesters can apply for MCC’s Financial Fresh Start program, which launched in the college’s summer 2023 semester. 

Chris Engle, MCC’s dean of counseling and student development, said the college created the program to support students who left MCC without finishing their education. 

“It was about just assessing who our students were that didn’t complete and extending that offer out to them that says, ‘We’re still here. We want to be your community college and encourage you to reach out to us,’” Engle said. 

Students joining Financial Fresh Start can re-enroll into MCC to pursue a certificate or degree, Engle noted, adding that returning students could also pursue the college’s workforce development program, which is typically quicker to complete.

While returning students will be responsible for full payment of their re-enrollment classes, MCC will forgive outstanding balances from their past semesters, according to an MCC press release on May 22.

For students who opt for a certificate or degree, MCC will waive half of the outstanding balance once they complete a semester. The remainder of the balance will be waived upon completion of the certificate or degree, Engle explained.

Those who choose to pursue the workforce development program, which includes training in Google data analytics and welding, among other options, will see all their outstanding balance waived upon finishing their training. 

According to Engle, MCC estimates that nearly 1,800 former students enrolled between fall 2017 and fall 2022 may be eligible for the Financial Fresh Start program. He added that the approximate amount of debt in those years totals roughly $2 million.

As part of the Financial Fresh Start program, students will be required to attend an informational session and enroll in a financial literacy course, which includes tips for building savings, reviewing credit reports and resources for career planning. 1-on-1 mentoring to support their college experience will be offered as well. 

For individuals with an outstanding balance beyond the fall 2017 to fall 2022 semesters, Engle said MCC will also work with them on ways to resolve their debt and re-enroll them into MCC. 

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