Among the 17 or so candidates running for Mayor, I’m sure each of them has a particular motive for running. But I’d be willing to bet that all of those motives pale in comparison to that of Scott Kincaid. You see, if Scott is elected Mayor, one of his first acts will be to settle his $25 million lawsuit that he has filed against the City of Flint.

I think the public should be aware that despite all of the rhetoric Kincaid is spewing about that lawsuit, the fact is, it is HIS lawsuit along with a few other co-plaintiffs, and it is HE who stands to gain from it. The $1,000 rebate he is promising to the city’s water customers is merely a campaign tactic to enhance his candidacy. It would be mathematically impossible for him to pay each of the city’s 31,000 water customers out of the $25 million he is seeking—less 33% attorney fees—unless he plans to come up with millions from his own pockets.

If by some stretch of the imagination, the pay- off happens, whatever he gives to each water customer will be offset by the close to $1,000 special tax special assessment Flint’s homeowners would be assessed to pay for the lawsuit.

Folks, don’t be fooled by this ploy.   This is a classic example of the rope-a-dope, where you fool the people into thinking they are winning, only to land a knockout punch—the special assessment—in the end. It is an insult to our collective intelligence for him to even think we would fall for his scheme.

Secondly, isn’t Kincaid supposed to be a trustee of the City? He has been a city councilman for 32 years, so he ought to be. Why is he suing the city he has been entrusted to protect? Remember, this is not a class action lawsuit, this is a personal lawsuit. If he and his co-plaintiffs win, he can do whatever he wishes with the proceeds from the settlement.

Mayor Karen Weaver is the best choice for our city. She is honest, she is trustworthy, and she certainly will never try to play Flint’s residents for fools. Leave that to the $25 million dollar man! Let’s show him who the real fool is on November 7.

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